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Anhui University of Technology

Anhui University of Technology (AHUT) provides a wide variety of programs and courses including engineering, economics, science, management, literature, and law while laying impact on engineering. The university is situated in Maanshan city Anhui Province, which has been permitted with many national titles “A National Garden City”, “Top Quality Environment City”, “National Tourism City” and “A Flower alongside South Bank of Yangtze River” and with half an hour’s drive to Nanjing, “Capital City for Six Dynasties in Ancient China” and 4 hours’ drive to Shanghai all by expressway.

The Anhui University of Technology includes an area of 1.87 million square meters and has over 1.65 million library collections (including electronic ones). The University has 20, 000 full-time students and 2, 000 staff members from the entire nation. AHUT has 16 schools, Metallurgy & Resources, Material Science and Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Construction Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Information, Foreign Languages,Mathematics and Physics,Arts and Law,  Postgraduates Education, Continuing Education, Vocational Education, Physical Education, 43 bachelor-degree programs, 31 master-degree programs, 3 dual-bachelor-degree programs, and 4 engineering master-degree programs.

Since 1995, the university has successfully jointly trained doctors with famous foreign universities. In 2001, AHUT started to accept foreign students. Anhui University of Technology has 12 provincial-level labs and research centers. In the past two years, AHUT has got over 40 awards with provincial –level or above, 24 patents, and 4000 papers published including more than 200 employed by SCI, EI, etc.. In 2004, the university won Excellent Grade for its teaching quality evaluated by State Ministry of Education. In Ma’anshan Hi-tech Plaza, the University has built an area for science and technology progress. The yearly output value of the university’s industry exceeds 200 million Yuan.

The International Affairs Office and International Exchange Center are in charge of the University’s international collaboration and exchange affairs. The University has achieved a long-term academic exchange and coordination with more than twenty higher institutions in over ten countries, in the fields of industrial technology, management, and education, culture, economics. AHUT has built quite a few international analysis centers and institutes to carry out inter-collegial and inter-governmental scientific research projects. The university also accomplishes students exchange programs with universities in America, Germany, Sweden, Korea, etc.

AHUT is always ready for talent collaboration and exchanges with international partners for common success. According to, the policy of improving and opening, AHUT has built a good academic exchange and collaboration relationship with universities and scientific analysis institutions in nearly twenty countries and regions. Every year the university concludes many teachers for further study, visits and international conferences abroad.

A lot of overseas experts and scholars have been invited to the university for academic exchange, lectures, scientific analysis, and co-operation. Good relations built with foreign universities and institutions, scientific exchange and cooperation are also flooring, in almost all disciplines. In addition to the exchanges of information, publications, visits of graduates and scholars and training programs, the university has also arranged joint research institutes with some foreign universities, to explore new technology and new products. In 2001, the university was legalized accepting international students.

The Anhui University of Technology has built a firm academic exchange and collaborative partnerships with universities and scientific research institutions in about twenty countries and regions all over the world With the background of advanced  Internationalization of higher education. Every year, the university sends a lot of staff and students abroad for further study, visits, international conferences, and scientific analysis programs.

Meanwhile, the university also welcomes different international professionals for exchange and collaboration exploration. A lot of foreign professionals have been engaged as the visiting professors and honorary president of the university. They are trying to developing the university and sharing the happiness of witnessing the progress of the university. The university started obtaining international students who are appreciating the international learning history for forming their insight.

Up to now, the university has carried out a quite fruitful exchange of students with the universities in the U.S., Korea, Germany and so on. In addition to the exchanges of information, publications, students and professionals, the university has also set up joint scientific research institutes with foreign universities and institutions for new technology and new product exploration.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ),

What is the world ranking of this University?

The Country rank of this University is 228 and the world rank is 1684.

Does Chinese universities provide programs in English?

YES, Chinese Universities provide programs in English. International Students can pursue their degrees in English taught in Chinese Universities.

Do I need to take an IELTS or TOEFL exam before applying in this University?

No, Students don’t need the IELTS or TOEFL certification for getting admitted in this University but for applying Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) sometimes students are asked for the IELTS certificate.

What Documents do I need to apply for this University?

  The primary documents a student need for applying this University are Notary stamped scan copies of the last Academic degree certificate and testimonial, Passport, Police Clearance Certificate and Medical Certificate.

When my offer letter come after applying this University?

Usually, It takes 4 to 8 weeks to come to an offer letter from any Chinese Universities after applying.

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Admission is going on for March & September Intake. Interested students are invited to apply. Both semesters are open for Diploma, Bachelor, Post-Graduates, and Doctoral program.

To get admission information or any kind of queries, please contact:

China: +8613632437050 (Whatsapp/Wechat/Viber/IMO)


Scholarships 30%
Result Status 80%
Foreign Students 45%
Positive Reviews 80%
University Ranking 85%

All Programs

Undergraduate Programs in English at Anhui University of Technology

Program Degree Teaching Medium Duration Tuition fee(CNY) Entrance Time
Civil Engineering Bachelor English 4 Years 15000.00 / Year September
Electrical Engineering Bachelor English 4 Years 15000.00 / Year September
Software Engineering Bachelor English 4 Years 15000.00 / Year September
International Trade (Business) Bachelor English 4 Years 15000.00 / Year September

Postgraduate Programs in English at Anhui University of Technology

Program Degree Teaching Medium Duration Tuition fee(CNY) Entrance Time
Mechanical Engineering Master English 2 Years 20000.00 / Year September
Electrical Engineering Master English 2 Years 20000.00 / Year September
Computer Science and Technology Master English 2 Years 20000.00 / Year September
Architectural and Civil Engineering Master English 2 Years 20000.00 / Year September
International Trade (Business) Master English 2 Years 20000.00 / Year September

Doctoral Programs in English at Anhui University of Technology

Program Degree Teaching Medium Duration Tuition fee(CNY) Entrance Time
Materials Processing Engineering Doctor English 3 Years 30000.00 / Year September
Materials Science Doctor English 3 Years 30000.00 / Year September
Materials Physics and Chemistry Doctor English 3 Years 30000.00 / Year September
Non-ferrous Metallurgy Doctor English 3 Years 30000.00 / Year September
Ferrous Metallurgy Doctor English 3 Years 30000.00 / Year September
Physical Chemistry of Metallurgy Doctor English 3 Years 30000.00 / Year September

The final information is subject to the University If there is any discrepancy!

Fees Details

Expenses in Anhui University of Technology

1. Tuition Fee:

  • Bachelor Degree: 15,000 RMB
  • Masters Degree: 20,000 RMB
  • Doctoral Degree: 30,000 RMB

2. Service Fee: USD 50

3. Accommodation Fee:

  • Double Room: 2,000 RMB / Year
  • Single Room:  3,500 RMB / Year

4. Living Cost: 1,000 to 2,000 RMB /Month     

5. Books Fee: about 500 RMB/ Year

6. Medical Insurance: 800 RMB/ Year

After you are admitted, we will inform you via email for your confirmation of acceptance. Afterward, we will issue the admission letter, JW201/202 Form for visa application. If you wish to live on campus, please complete the Housing Application form.

Prepare Your Departure:

Before your departure, be sure to take the following materials:

(1) The Admission Letter

(2) Passport (valid for at least 6 months).

(3) JW201/202 Form

(4) Official Foreigner Physical Examination Form and your blood test report.

Be aware that the orientation is mandatory for freshman students.

Admission Procedure

Applying for any course at Anhui University of Technology is very easy. Following some easy steps, you can easily apply for your desired course. you can complete your application online by following some simple steps.

If you are determined to study at the Anhui University of Technology, you must have to prepare some important required documents.

Required Admission Documents listed as below:

  1. Passport & Passport Size Photo(Scan Copy)
  2. Academic Transcript And Certificate (must be notarized)
  3. CV/Resume
  4. Physical Examination
  5. Police clearance
  6. Bank statement
  7. English Proficiency Certificate (IELTS)
  8. HSK certificate of proficiency in Chinese (if you have)
  9. Two recommendation letters (Ms/Ph.D.)
  10. Study Plan/ Research Proposal (Ms/PhD)
  11. Study Gap Certificates
  12. Application Form

Here is the detail information about the admission documents required.

1. Passport & Passport Size Photo (Scan Copy)


First of all, you must have a passport. As we know passport is a very essential document and without this, we can not go out of our country. So if you don’t have it yet, we advise you to make it from your home country as soon as possible. Moreover, if you already have your passport, then make sure that it is not expired. If your passport already expired then you need to renew it. Please note, your passport must have to be ready before your visa processing. See a sample of passport.

Passport Size Photo

The general size of the passport size photo is (50mm x 40mm). For applying in china universities, your passport size photo has to be clear and the background must be plain, white or off-white in color. The height of the head between 28mm – 33mm and head width 21mm–24mm. Advice to submit a color photo which is taken 6 months before. Use a clear picture of your face. Do not use any filters and take off your eyeglasses for passport size photos, selfies or pictures with someone do not use as a passport size photo. Here is a sample of a Passport Size Photo.

2. Academic Transcript and Certificate (must be notarized copy)

Submit your immediate academic transcripts & certificate for applying. For example, if you are applying for bachelor submit your school transcripts and certificates. For Master’s Degree provide your undergraduate transcripts and certificates. When you are applying for Ph.D, you have to provide your both (undergraduate and graduate) transcripts and certificates. Transcript And Certificate are important, it help universities to decide if you have the necessary background and skills for the major. All Transcripts and Certificates must have to be notarized. You can notarize your document from an advocate who is authorized by the government.

Note: All the applicant’s transcripts and certificates must be notarized and language should be in Chinese or English version.

3. CV/Resume

You must have to prepare a CV or resume for applying in abroad country. CV act as your business profile, though universities are not interested in detailed descriptions of your jobs or experience, but you have to add this. You should focus on your published academic papers, describe academic group works or extracurricular activities, relevant think-thanks, etc. Add your academic qualifications with results, personal details, personal achievement these are must for a perfect CV. Here is a sample of the CV/resume.

4. Physical Examination

Aspiring overseas students are required to a medical examination to ensure that you are in a good physical condition. The medical examination must include all the items which are listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. The medical examination result will be declared as invalid without the signature of the attending doctor and hospital stamp or seal. You must bring the original medical documents when you come to arrive in China. The Medical certificate will be carried out on behalf of The Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Public Security. Here get a sample of physical examination.

5. Police Clearance

The police clearance certificate is known as “No Criminal Record Certificate” and also known as a good citizen certificate. Police clearance is very important for going to abroad because a foreign country does not allow any criminal records. Police Clearance Certificate is an official document approved by the police or government agencies to prove that you have no criminal offense like arrest, conviction. Additionally, a police clearance certificate is valid for the next 6 months, After 6 months of issue, it will be declared as invalid. See the sample of the Police Clearance Certificate.

6. Bank Statement

A bank statement is mandatory when we go foreign for different purposes like a visitor, a business or immigrants. These rules are not changeable for study. So, students also have to show a bank statement. China has no strict rules that only your parents have to be your sponsor. Anyone can be your sponsor. See the sample of a bank statement.

7. English Proficiency Certificate

For studying in China you must have to submit your English proficient certificate to prove your English skills. It is not mandatory that you must have IELTS, you can take English Proficiency Certificate from your school or univecsity. Additionally, If you have done IELTS or TOFEL you can submit it. See the sample of English proficient certificate.

8. HSK certificate of proficiency in Chinese (if you have)

If you want to study in Chinese taught and want to get CSC scholarship then you must have to submit HSK certificate of proficiency in Chinese. HSK is not mandatory for English taught, but if you have it will be beneficial for you. HSK supervised by the HSK Center of Beijing Language and Culture University to judge the Chinese language skill of non-native speakers. See the sample of HSK certificate of proficiency in Chinese.

9. 2 Recommendation Letter (Ms/Ph.D.)

Students of masters & Ph.D. have to submit two recommendation letters. A recommendation letter is usually written by a supervisor, colleague, and teacher. Two recommendation letter has to be written by two-person. Make sure that the writer knows you very well and you have completed any course with them or work with them.  In the letter mention about your academic and personal traits and emphasize the strengths that are relevant to the major or university where you are applying. Have to maintain a positive and enthusiastic tone about you and include professor’s phone numbers and email addresses. Here is the sample of the Recommendation Letter.

10. Study Plan/ Research Proposal (Ms/PhD)

If you want to apply for MS/Ph.D you must need a study plan or research proposal in Chinese or English (no less than 800 words). A study plan describes in detail what you are going to do with the scholarship. Explain your main educational goal, and how you want to achieve this. And keep it your mind that it is very important, that helps in an excellent organization as well as creating a sense of liability in your learning process. This document is needed only for Ms or Ph.D applicants, so please make sure that your study plan or research proposal states that information as specific as possible. See the sample of Study Plan.

11. Study Gap Certificates

Study gap certificate is an affidavit that is used to show a gap in education or further study. Gap certificate provides your statement on the non-judicial stamp paper stating the reason for taking the gap and claim that you did not take admission to any other college, university or courses during the gap year. You can get this stamp paper from any notary, sub-registry office or court and contact with an advocate they will prepare your gap certificate.

12. Application Form

Fills this form in Chinese or English language. It is essential to fill all the information that should be very authentic. Click here to get the Application Form sample.

Please send us all these documents through our E-Mail:

Dear applicants, If you have more queries please don’t hesitate to knock our consultants. Here is our  Consultant’s contact number : +8613632437050/ +8618852867225. 

Scholarship Information

Anhui University of Technology has many kinds of scholarships set up for international students to encourage their excellent study.

1. Scholarship types

A. Anhui Government Scholarship

  • Degree Programs students: Doctor, Master, Bachelor

B. Anhui University of Technology President Scholarship

  • Undergraduate, Postgraduate students, but not applying to holders of Anhui Government Scholarship.

C. Doctor-degree Program Scholarship

  • Doctor: The scholarship varies with specific programs.

D. Talent Scholarship

  • Students at AHUT: The scholarship varies with specific programs.

2. Eligibility

  • Applicants must be the citizens of a country other than the People’s Republic of China and have a good health.
  • Must be high school diploma holder for undergraduate programs under the age of 30.
  • Bachelor’s degree holder for master’s programs.
  • Master’s degree holder for doctoral programs under the age of 40 when applying.

3. Required Documents 

  • Application form
  • Notarized highest diploma (photocopy)
  • Academic transcripts
  • A Study Plan or Research Proposal for postgraduate program applicants (a minimum of 500 words).
  • Two Recommendation Letters by a professor or associate professor with their ph and email (Ms/PhD)

All the Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

Why choose us?

Anhui University of Technology (AHUT) was established in 1958. It is a versatile university with engineering as its focus while maintaining balanced programs in science, management, humanities, economics, law, and arts. The university is situated in Maanshan City, Anhui Province, a city with titles of “National Civilized City”, “National Garden City”, “Top Quality Environment City”, “National Tourism City”, and with forty kilometers to Nanjing, the “Capital City for Six Dynasties in Ancient China”.

The Anhui University of Technology consists of 2 campuses, covering a total area of 1.64 million square meters. The Anhui University of Technology recruits students from all over the country and started to accept international students in 2001. Recently, it has 19,813 undergraduate students and more than 2,303 graduate students. The libraries on the two campuses give access to 2.67 million collections and variations of high-quality academic databases, e-Journals, and eBooks.

The Anhui University of Technology has a faculty of more than 1,230, including 600 full professors or associate professors. The Anhui University of Technology has 19 schools (or divisions) with 67 bachelor-degree programs, and 8 doctor-degree programs,81 master-degree programs.

The Anhui University of Technology has two national-level, 17 provincial or ministerial-level analysis centers or institutes, and 12 provincial-level key disciplines. The Anhui University of Technology is a key institution of higher learning in Anhui Province, it’s one of the 100 key universities in central and western China getting special support from the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE). Also, a higher institution listed by MOE for executing the “Outstanding Engineering Education Plan”. Its undergraduate teaching is judged as “Excellence”, in MOE’s national teaching-quality assessment.

The Anhui University of Technology includes great significance to opening up. It has collaborative ties with more than thirty higher education institutions in a number of countries and regions including America, Japan, Canada, Korea, Britain, Germany, Turkey, Hong Kong, Taiwan of China, etc. With its international partners, the university executes faculty and student exchange programs, student joint training programs.

The Anhui University of Technology has also built quite a few international research centers and institutes for inter-collegial and inter-governmental scientific research projects in the fields of industrial technology, economic management, culture, and education. On its way to becoming a high-level university with more exclusive features, Anhui University of Technology is always ready to collaborate and exchange worldwide.


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