Engineering Courses

Chinese engineering has been acknowledged as a global reputation for hundreds of years. Many prestigious Universities in China like Shenyang Aerospace University, China University of Mining and Technology offers many types of engineering courses to international students in English. There are more than 200 engineering subjects available in Chinese Universities in English.

  1. Aeronautical Engineering (in English) 
  2. Information and Communication Engineering 
  3. Mechanical Design Manufacture and Automation
  4. Automobile Inspection and Maintenance Technology
  5. Energy and Power Engineering


1) Aeronautical Engineering (in English) 

This engineering field deals with the creation, design, and improvement of travel machines, including airplanes, missiles, satellites,helicopters and spacecraft. They not only make the machines but also use their knowledge of technology and aviation to make  the most energy-efficient machines on the market. They use experienced technologies for protection systems, aviation and space survey. They’re also the professionals responsible for confirming the machines meet environmental and safety requirements. Aeronautical engineers examine  the parts and make a suggestion for any important changes.

Aeronautical engineers is a reputable profession and it is one of the highest paying engineering professions. The average salary offered to a fresher  differs from government to private institution and also it depends on the education qualification. The salary packages are much higher in the private sector, but engineers working in government sector enjoy many benefits. In case numbers, an average fresher can earn around 30,000 to 40,000 rupees per month in government organizations like NAL HAL or. On the contrary , the same in private organizations like Air India, Indigo Airlines,Jet Airways etc. can go above 40,000 to 50,000 INR per month.Aeronautical Engineering is obviously one of the best professions. The profession is not only highly paying but also make sure about high social status and the standard of living. There is always a large demand for an experienced  aeronautical engineer, and both private and government organizations give a lot of benefits to keep productive engineers. When you are designing the best aircraft, you earn to be treated with free air travel for your family.

2) Information and Communication Engineering 

The  aim of Information and Communication Engineering is analysis and make technologies for computing, information processing, networking, media/content,communication, signal processing, and other similar fields, made on modern and future electronics/optics.The program which is with information and communication engineering,computer science and technology,  electronic science and technology, as basic subjects,encourage special talents with professional knowledge in electronic information engineering, and signal and information processing, circuits and systems,microwave technology, who can work in research, design, manufacture, and operation in the field of information technology, or in the information technology research and materials development in the department of national defense industry, national economy. 99 words

3) Mechanical Design Manufacture and Automation

Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation is a world wide  technology discipline that studies the design, manufacture, operation control and production process of all kinds of industrial machinery material  and mechanical electrical products, which is to train senior engineering and technical staff with the key knowledge and application skills of mechanical design and manufacturing, can be matched in mechanical manufacturing field for design manufacturing, application study, operation management technology development, , and operation and sales and other forms of work in the first line of industrial production.

Manufacturing design engineers can work in various  fields,like architecture,business management, computer services, development . Along with working in engineering services and the federal government, these engineers may also work in research or manufacturing. While architectural engineering and similar areas employ have the highest employment numbers for these engineers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they also work in the aerospace, electro-medical, and navigational areas. 

 4) Automobile Inspection and Maintenance Technology

Automobile Inspection and Maintenance Technology leads to train content-based routing networks and  compound engineering and technical staff  who have initial capacity of automobile design and engage in automobile work in testing, marketing, management, maintenance, manufacturing and higher technology applied talents who works for vehicle related business in vehicles production, construction, management, and service.

Students after their graduation can join in automobile work in production, professional conservation. They can also  go into diagnosis station, car operations,transportation company, sales company and other fields in the vehicle inspection and maintenance, operation and management of the automobile, automotive marketing and analysis, auto parts sales and related technical services.

5) Energy and Power Engineering

Energy engineering degrees study the storage,production,distribution and use of energy within natural or man-made energy systems. Power systems engineering includes the generation and dispatch of electricity.

Energy and power engineers,  work with different natural resources,like fossil fuels or petroleum, and try to expand  the use of sustainable energy sources such as solar, wind, and wave power,hydroelectricity,nuclear power. Professionals focus on finding more well-organized and clean ways to provide energy, and to develop advanced technologies and methods to meet the world wide need for electricity.

Energy and power professionals work in different roles, including designing and testing machinery, upgrading  remaining processes, developing plans to deal with energy demands , offering consultancy for the limiting of energy utilization or developing managerial skills to lead teams of technicians and  engineers.