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Provinces: Hebei- Huangshi                                                           University Ranking:  1906

About University

Hebei Normal University (HEBNU), established in 1902, is a common key university, arranged in Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei Province, the separation is 277 km from Beijing.The University began from Shuntian School established in Beijing in 1902 and Beiyang Women Normal School set up in Tianjin in 1906. Endorsed by Hebei commonplace government, the previous Hebei Teachers University, Hebei Teachers College, Hebei Education Institute settled in 1952 and Hebei Vocational and Technological College converged into one in June 1996 and was named Hebei Normal University. Hebei Normal University is an early-settled vast scale university in China. The names of numerous extraordinary progressive pioneers like Deng Yingchao, Liu Qingyang, Guo Longzhen, Yang Xiufeng, and Kang Shien are on the rundown of alumni. A gathering of well-known researchers, for example, Liang Shuming, Zhang Shenfu, and Tang Yongtong and others is on the rundown, as well. Among the alumni are a few academicians like Yan Luguang and Hao Bolin and acclaimed mentors and competitors who accomplished a title in universal recreations, for example, Xushaofa and Cai Zhenhua.

Since 1949, Hebei Normal University has instructed more than 200,000 understudies. The subject spreads 9 classifications, in particular reasoning, statute, financial aspects, writing, history, instructional method, the board science, science, and engineering.The University flaunts 21 schools and offices, including College of Chinese Language and Literature, College of Physical Science, College of Business, College of History and Culture, College of Music,College of Life Science, College of Mathematics and Information Science, College of Art and Design, College of Physical Education, College of Foreign Languages, College of worldwide culture trade.

It has 8 doctorate projects of top of the line discipline, 49 doctorate projects and 8 post-doctorate programs, 26 graduate degree projects of the five-star discipline, 131 graduate degree programs, 90 undergrad claims to fame. Presently the absolute selection of the university is 57,658 understudies. It has been tolerating universal understudies since 1987. This university acknowledges China Government Scholarship understudies and Confucius Institute Scholarship. All claims to fame of Hebei Normal University is open for global understudies. The University covers 1829 mu (121 hectares)-

Hebei Normal University library has an accumulation of 330,000 volumes of books. It grasps staff of 2852 with a showing workforce of 1,480 among whom there are 359 educators, 974 partner teachers, 1 academician of China Academy of Science, 106 commonplace model specialists, 138 Ph.D. bosses, and 871 postgraduate mentors. The all-out number of on-grounds university understudies is 57,658; incorporating 33404 understudies studied 2-year or 4-year programs, 3866 alumni understudies and 20,388 further training understudies. Since the converging of four colleges in 1996, Hebei Normal University has got 2 national honors of showing accomplishments, 41 common honors of showing accomplishments and has attempted 8 state ventures of training development just as 11 commonplace dimension ventures concerning similar regions.

From 1997 to 2011, Hebei Normal University attempted 718 research programs above office level, among them 231 projects are national(37 regular science inquire about projects and 18 sociology research programs) and 199 research programs at the common (123 characteristic science look into projects and 76 sociology research programs). There are a gathering of projects having across the country impact like national 937 Project, the undertaking of the State Natural Scientific Funds and the Projects of Excellent Youth Scientific Funds. A portion of the Scientific Research Achievements leads the pack in the country or in the area.

Up to now, 483 scholarly books and 6,542 articles have been distributed freely. As indicated by the measurements of the expositions from universities and colleges given by China Science and Technology Information Office, in the long periods of 1999, 2000 and 2001 the logical papers gathered in SCI (SCIE) rank as No.49, No.44 and No.62. Since the year 2002, the yearly assets for research has quickly expanded from USD 6 million to USD 42.29 million out of 2008. There are 143 recently embraced state look into ventures, including 112 regular science programs and 31 sociology projects.

This University has embraced some state key research programs with hugeness, for instance, projects of National “973” Plan, State “863” Plan, Plans, key projects and unique projects, for instance, key projects on moving farming investigation into innovation and transgenic industry advancement program supported by National Science Foundation, Key Program of Pre-think about Plans of State Science and Technology Ministry, Key projects of National Social Science Foundation and The state key venture of Qing-tradition History, etc. A portion of the accomplishments delivered from these projects, distributed in Science, The Plant Cell, Inventions, Mathematical, Advances in Mathematics, and The Astrophysical Journal, are first-level both at home and abroad. Hebei Normal University has settled association with more than 30 colleges everywhere throughout the world. Hebei Normal University, affirmed by the State Education Committee, can select remote understudies just as the understudies from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

University's Program Types





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ),

What is the world ranking of this University?

The Country rank of this University is 271 and the world rank is 1906.

Does Chinese universities provide programs in English?

YES, Chinese Universities provide programs in English. International Students can pursue their degrees in English taught in Chinese Universities.

Do I need to take an IELTS or TOEFL exam before applying in this University?

No, Students don’t need the IELTS or TOEFL certification for getting admitted in this University but for applying Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) sometimes students are asked for the IELTS certificate.

What Documents do I need to apply for this University?

The primary documents a student need for applying this University are Notary stamped scan copies of the last Academic degree certificate and testimonial, Passport, Police Clearance Certificate and Medical Certificate.

When my offer letter come after applying this University?

Usually, It takes 4 to 8 weeks to come to an offer letter from any Chinese Universities after applying.

University's other Information


Admission is going on for March & September Intake. Interested students are invited to apply. Both semesters are open for Diploma, Bachelor, Post-Graduates, and Doctoral program.

To get admission information or any kind of queries, please contact:

China: +8613632437050 (Whatsapp/Wechat/Viber/IMO)


Scholarships 30%
Result Status 80%
Foreign Students 45%
Positive Reviews 80%
University Ranking 85%

All Programs


Non-degree Course Duration Starting Date Tuition Fee Language
Chinese Language 1 year March ¥12000 Chinese
Chinese Language 1 year September ¥12000 Chinese


Bachelor-Program Course Duration Starting Date Tuition Fee / Year Language
Chinese Language and Literature 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Chinese Language 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Journalism 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Advertising 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Radio and TV Journalism 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
History 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Archaeology 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Educational Technology 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Primary Education 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Preschool Education 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Psychology 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Applied Psychology 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Law 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Moral and Political Education 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Politics and Public Administration 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Administration 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Labor and Social Security 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Non profit Management 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Economics 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
International Economics and Trade 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Accounting 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Logistics Management 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Human Resource Management 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Tourism Management 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
English 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Translating 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Business English 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Radio & Television Editing & Directing 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Broadcasting & Hosting Art 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Physical Education 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Social Sports 4 years September ¥11500 Chinese
Science of Geography 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Urban and Rural Planning Management 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Information Management 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Information and Computing Science 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Physics 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Applied Physics 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Optical Information Science and Technology 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Space science and Technology 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Biological Science 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Biological Technology 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Chemistry 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Applied Chemistry 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Pharmacology 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Science Education 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Geographical information System 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Environmental Science 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Cuisine and Nutrition Education 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Exercise Rehabilitation and Health 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Electronic Information Science and Technology 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Electronic Information Engineering 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Communication Engineering 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Computer Science and Technology 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Network Engineering 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Content network engineering 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Educational Technology 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
E-Commerce 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Electrical Engineering/Automation 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Automobile Service Engineering 4 years September ¥13600 Chinese
Dancing Arts 4 years September ¥14300 Chinese
Musicology 4 years September ¥14300 Chinese
Musical Performance 4 years September ¥14300 Chinese
Fine Arts 4 years September ¥14300 Chinese
Sculpture 4 years September ¥14300 Chinese
Art of Digital Media 4 years September ¥14300 Chinese
Animation 4 years September ¥14300 Chinese
Artistic Design 4 years September ¥14300 Chinese
Costume Design and Engineering 4 years September ¥14,300 Chinese

Fees Details

Expenses in Hebei Normal University

1. Tuition Fee:

  • Non-degree: 1,600 to 6,000 RMB
  • Bachelor programs in English: 11,500 to 14,300 RMB/ Year
  • Master Degree Programs in English Medium: 15,600 RMB/Year.
  • Doctoral Degree Programs in English Medium: 16,600 RMB/Year.

2. Service Fee: 50 USD

3. Accommodation Fee: 20 RMB/Person (Double Room)

4. Hostel Fee:

  • Single Room: 40 RMB/ Person/Day
  • Double Room: 20 RMB/ Person/ Day

5. Living Cost: 1,600 to 2,050 RMB/ Month


After you are admitted, we will inform you via email for your confirmation of acceptance. Afterward, we will issue the admission letter, JW201/202 Form for visa application. If you wish to live on the campus, please complete the Housing Application form.

Prepare Your Departure:

Before your departure, be sure to take the following materials:

(1) The Admission Letter

(2) Passport (valid for at least 6 months).

(3) JW201/202 Form

(4) Official Foreigner Physical Examination Form and your blood test report.

Be aware that the orientation is mandatory for freshman students.

Admission Procedure

Apply for a course in a Chinese University  is very easy. Students just have to follow some steps to apply for their favorite course. In order to help students complete their online application, International students are recommended to follow the simple instructions.

Foreign applicants must provide the following documents to apply:

1.  Application Form  fills in Chinese or in English.

2.  Passport & Passport Size Photo (Scan copy )

  • Passport

Dear student, the first thing you need to have a passport. This is more important documents because without a passport you can not go to study in your dream country. To have passport make you secure to live or study abroad. So if you don’t have it, we suggest you make your passport ready from the embassy office in your home country. Moreover if you have your passport already, then make sure your passport expiry date will not be expired. If it already be expired then you need to remake your passport.

  • Passport Size Photo

The passport photo size (50mm x 40mm) in general. The photo should be clear and the background must be plain, white or off-white in color. The height of the head should be between 28mm – 33mm.The head width has to be between 21mm–24mm. Submit a color photo, taken in the last 6 months. Use a clear image of your face. Passport photo should not use filters on the face or take your photo from someone else or selfies. Take off your eyeglasses for your photo. Here is the sample of Passport Size Photo.

3.  Transcripts & Certificates  (Must be Notarized Copy )

Students for Bachelor Degree need to provide their school transcripts and certificates. For Master Degree Applicants have to bring their undergraduate transcripts and certificates.  And Doctorate Degree studies must provide their both (undergraduate and graduate) transcripts and certificates.

Please take as a note that is, all the transcripts and certificates should be notarized.

Note : Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with translations in Chinese or English.

4.  English Proficiency Certificate

In China, some universities does not asked IELTS but if you study in Chinese Taught for CSC scholarship, English Proficiency Certificate need to have ready. If you have IELTS already then you are lucky to study in China without delay.

5.  CV/Resume

Applicants must have to prepare their CV if they want to study abroad in their desired country. The Resume or CV should include their academic qualifications with results, personal details (name, date of birth, marital status, national Id or school Id, physical address, contact no, nationality, language, etc), reference from your institution’s faculty (his/her name, address and designation), personal achievement, etc. To know how to make a standard CV please click here the sample of  The Resume.

6.  Study Plan or Research Proposal (Ms/PhD)

Applicants for graduate studies need a study plan or research proposal in Chinese or in English (no less than 800 words). This document is required only for Ms or PhD applicants.

7.  Recommendation Letter (Ms/PhD)

Applicants for all graduate studies need two letters of recommendation from full professors or associate professors (in Chinese or English). Letters must be include professors’ phone number and email address. Here is the sample of  Recommendation Letter.

8.  Published Academic Papers or Other Academic Achievements (if  applicable).

9.  Foreign Physical Examination

Applicants are expected to keep the original copies filled in English. The medical examination must cover all the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete records or those without the signature of the attending physician, the official stamp of the hospital or a sealed photograph of the applicants are invalid. Medical examination results will be valid for 6 months. All applicants are kindly requested to take this factor into consideration as they plan to take the medical examination. Click here to collect Foreigner Physical Examination Form.

10.  Bank Statement

Bank statements must show to any foreign country for the purpose of a visitor or a business or an immigrants. For the study purpose in foreign countries also need to show bank statement. So dear applicants, you will need to have ready your all documents. Sponsorship can be your parents or anyone whom are your blood related.

11.  Police Verification (No Criminal Record)

This is also need to have ready for the study purpose. It is important because foreign country does not allow criminal record. A Police Clearance Certificate is an official document approved  by the police or government agencies in order to prove that the applicant has no criminal offense against him/her like arrest, conviction. For this you need to provide your Police Clearance Certificate. A Police Certificate is also known as good citizen certificate. See the sample of  Police clearance Certificate.


Please send us all these documents at admission@digiedupro.com.  Dear applicants, if you have any queries then don’t hesitate to contact our consultant. Here is our  Consultant’s contact number : +8613632437050/ +8618852867225.

Scholarship Information

China has become one of the top attraction among international students interested to study bachelor, master or doctoral courses for free. Chinese Government Scholarship in Hebei Normal University offers above listed programs under CSC Scholarship 2019.

1. Chinese Government Scholarship

Scholarship Coverage and Criteria

  1. Exempt from registration, tuition, laboratory experiment, internship and on-campus accommodation fees.
  2. Monthly living allowance is granted to the students at the following rates:
  • Undergraduates and advanced students for Chinese program: 2,500 RMB
  • Master degree students and junior advanced students: 3,000 RMB
  • Doctoral students and senior advanced students: 3,500 RMB
  1. Comprehensive Medical Insurance and outpatient medical services are also provided.

Applicant Eligibility

  1. Applicants must be non-Chinese and in good health.
  2. Education background and age limit:
  • Applicants for bachelor degree program must have high school diploma, excellent academic result, and be under 25.
  • Applicants for master degree program must have bachelor degree and be under 35.
  • Doctoral degree program students must have master degree and be under 40.

 Application Documents

The applicants must fill in and provide the following documents truly, correctly and completely (in duplicate).

  1. Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship (filled in Chinese or English).
  2. Highest academic diploma (notarized photocopy). If applicants are university students, they must also provide proof of study offered by university. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English.
  3. Academic transcripts. Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English.
  4. Study or research plan. Applicants for master or doctoral program, or senior advanced program must submit study or research plan in Chinese or English.
  5. Recommendation letters. Applicants for master or doctoral program, or senior advanced program must submit two recommendation letters in Chinese or English by professors or associate professors.
  6. Applicants under 18 must submit the relevant legal documents of their legal guardians in China.
  7. Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form (the original should be kept by the applicant. It must be filled in English. Please select the appropriate time to take medical examination as it is valid for only 6 months.

Whether or not the applicant is admitted, the above application materials will not be returned.


2. Hebei Provincial Government Scholarship

The Hebei Provincial Government awards scholarships to international students studying degree programs in Colleges and Universities located in Hebei Province. Application is open to undergraduate, master’s and doctoral level students of all fields of study. Applicants must be non-Chinese, in good physical and mental condition and well performed both academically and behaviorally. Hebei Normal University offers all the majors in undergraduate, master, and doctoral levels to awardees of the Hebei Provincial Government Scholarship.

Scholarship Coverage

The Hebei Provincial Government Scholarship awards scholarships to international students studying degree programs.

The scholarship is awarded as follows:

  • Undergraduates: 5,000 RMB /year
  • Master’s Students: 5,000 RMB /year
  • Doctoral Students: 20,000 RMB /year

Application Documents

The documents provided by the applicants are required to be true, correct and complete. They include:

  1. Application Form for Hebei Provincial Government Scholarship
  2. Scanned copy of passport
  3. Scanned copies of valid HSK score report or IELTS score report
  4. Notarized photocopy of highest diploma certificate and academic transcripts. Current students must also provide proof of expected graduation issued by the university.
  5. Study or research plan. Master’s or doctoral applicants are required to submit study or research plan in Chinese or English.
  6. Recommendation letters. Master’s and Doctoral applicants are required to provide two reference letters from professors or associate professors.
  7. Applicants under the age of 18 shall provide guarantee letters signed by their entrusted legal guardians in China.
  8. Applicants shall also provide any additional documents required by the university.

Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English Translations.

Why choose us?

Hebei Normal University is located in Shijiazhuang City, the capital of Hebei Province. The university is in the core of the North China Plain, with Beijing and Tianjin in the north, the Bohai Sea in the east, and Taihang Mountains in the west. The Beijing-Guangzhou, Shijiazhuang-Dezhou, and Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan railways make it a transportation hub. Shijiazhuang is 285 km from Beijing or about one hour’s ride with the aid of high-speed train.

This University is a pivotal college in Hebei, and it boasts a record of 110 years. The commitment is constructing three bridges for students and teachers with the world-renowned academicians, political leaders, and entrepreneurs. Our motto is “Being formidable in pursuit of truth”, and we virtually welcome worldwide students to mutually create a brilliant future. 10 disciplines that cowl literature, history, art, economics, management, law, education, science, technology, and philosophy are provided in 21 schools and an impartial college (Huihua College). Hebei Normal University presents one hundred undergraduate programs, more than 130 grasp applications under 26 best grasp disciplines, and extra than 50 doctoral applications beneath 8 first-class doctoral disciplines.

The undergraduate college students are total 34,694, graduates 4,061 and adult college students 16,820. Teaching Staffs in this college has 420 professors, 960 associate professors, one CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) academician, a hundred forty-five doctoral supervisors, and 970 grasp supervisors. The faculty campus covers a vicinity of 122 hectares, with a 3.365,000-volume library. The cutting-edge & comprehensive library, well-facilitated instructing buildings, advanced teaching instruments, environment-friendly condo buildings for worldwide students, complete pupil center, spacious stadium, international well-known playground, environment-friendly concert halls, diverse associations & things to do will render you’re getting to know greater fruitful.

The Hebei Normal University has signed agreements of cooperation and exchanges with sixty-seven institutions in fifty-four overseas nations which includes the U.S.A, Canada, Italy, Ukraine, Belgium, Japan, Peru, Russia, France, Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand. Now, Hebei Normal University has 300 worldwide students. The worldwide education application was initiated in 1987. The overseas college students can practice for Chinese government scholarships and Confucius Institute scholarships.


No. 20, East Road of  the second southern ring, Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, Chinaina


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