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Lanzhou University of Technology

The Lanzhou University of Technology is situated in the capital of Gansu province-Lanzhou underneath the leadership of the Ministry of Education of the people’s Republic of China, the Bureau of Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense and the people’s Government of Gansu Province. It is listed into The Ministry of Education’s “excellent engineer Program” and “College students modern Experimental Program”. Its predecessor was once the Gansu Provincial Institute of Technology in 1919. In 1958, Gansu Jiaotong University used to be integrated into the Gansu University of Technology on the groundwork of the institution of the Lanzhou Institute of Technology. The university has Lan Gongping, Pengjiaping (West) two campus overlaying a place of 2,430 mu with 2309 staff, along with 1412 full-time teachers; There are 27,075 full-time students


In May 1919, Gansu Provincial Administration set up Gansu Technical School and appointed Niu Zakun as its first principal. On November 26, 1952, with the approval of the Ministry of Education of the Northwest navy Administration Committee, the college used to be renamed Lanzhou Industrial School of Gansu Province below the management of the Industrial Department of Gansu Province. In September, the CPC Gansu Provincial Committee and the Provincial people’s Committee decided to merge Gansu Jiaotong University into the Lanzhou Institute of Technology and set up the Gansu University of Technology, which was formally named in October. April 2003, through the Ministry of Education, Approved through the people’s government of Gansu province, the title of the school used to be changed to the Lanzhou college of technology. In June 2016, the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense at the same time awarded the license plate to the Lanzhou University of Technology at the “National Defense Science, Technology and Industry Innovation Conference” and “National Defense Science and Technology Innovation Base and attribute discipline Symposium”; In March 2017, the college was chosen to the “Chinese National Defense Education characteristic Colleges”

(2)Discipline and programs

The Lanzhou University of Technology has 19 schools, one instructing and lookup department, with Wenzhou graduate school. It has sixty-six majors with 2309 staff, 1412 full-time teachers, together with 813 humans with senior titles, 111 doctoral tutors. There are 4 shared academicians, 1 distinct professor of “Yangtze River Scholars”, 2 winners of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, and 3 candidates of the “100 men or woman Program” of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. And two humans are chosen into the thousand Youth plan. There is one who was appraised as one of the high-quality talents in the new era by using the Ministry of Education. There are 30 human beings who experience the special allowance of the State Council, 2 countrywide candidates for the “million abilities Project”, 1 “National Advanced Workers”, “National Model of Teachers and Virtue”, and 1 “National magnificent teacher”. The college has 2 countrywide defense characteristic disciplines, 7 national attribute specialties, 2 Ministry of Education strategic emerging industry-related specialty; There are 2 national instructing teams, 5 provincial instructing teams, 37 provincial pleasant courses, three national experimental educating demonstration centers, 10 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, and 2 provincial intelligence training bases.

(3)Academic amenities and Scientific lookup

The Lanzhou University of Technology boasts more than 2.46 million books or pieces of a number of kinds of documents, which includes extra than 2.22 million books on paper and 3500 sorts of periodicals in Chinese and overseas languages, which can grant almost 30 types of large-scale databases in Chinese and foreign languages. There are one worldwide cooperation center, two joint laboratories and 10 national scientific research bases. The Ministry of Education has at the same time constructed four key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, 2 engineering research centers of the Ministry of Education, 2 National University Science and Technology Parks, 17 strategic alliances for industrial technological innovation in China, 11 key laboratories in Gansu Province, and 2 collaborative innovation centers at the provincial level, 4 Provincial humanities bases, 8 lookup institutes, 32 lookup institutes, fifty nine engineering and technical research facilities and two innovation team of “Yangtze river” Scholars and Innovative Development Plan.

(4)Lanzhou University of Technology Achievement

By March 2018, the school had undertaken 6 countrywide instructing and research projects, won 33 awards for teaching achievements at the provincial and ministerial levels, built 42 provincial best courses, published 118 sorts of teaching materials, and college students have been in the countrywide mathematics modeling competition for university students. In Electronic graph competition, laptop programming competition, English competition, mechanical format competition, robotic graph competition, 98 college students gained 43 countrywide awards, 636 human beings gained 308 provincial awards.

The university is selected into the National College students’ progressive Experimental Plan. In the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching degree prepared via the Ministry of Education in 2006, the college bought “excellent”. The employment charge of graduates has been saved above 97% for many years, and the Ministry of Education has awarded the title of “National College of graduates’ Employment journey in 2009”.

(5) Communication and worldwide cooperation

As of March 2018, the school has mounted cooperation with more than forty universities such as the United States, Russia, Britain, Australia, etc., such as intelligence training, scientific research, etc. More than 250 overseas college students from 35 countries have come to the faculty to obtain academic education or non-permanent study, and training for overseas college students has taken shape. This University has successively extended and implemented high-level university graduate students, kingdom grasp diploma students. To raise out the scholar deposit alternate program,the university has cooperated with the University of East Texas Church (ETBU), the University of Illinois (NEIU), the University of Tennessee (TTU), the University of Troy (Troy), Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan University of Science and Technology) and other universities. Joint Graduate education Program-Shanghai Cooperation Organization University Discussion has already been settled down with the Moscow Institute of Power Engineering. Over 200 students overseas to change and study main in Materials science and engineering, electricity power, electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, English, accounting, finance, commercial enterprise administration, advertising and so on.

University's Program Types





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ),

What is the world ranking of this University?

The Country rank of this University is 460 and the world rank is 2874.

Does Chinese universities provide programs in English?

YES, Chinese Universities provide programs in English. International Students can pursue their degrees in English taught in Chinese Universities.

Do I need to take an IELTS or TOEFL exam before applying in this University?

No, Students don’t need the IELTS or TOEFL certification for getting admitted to this University but for applying Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) sometimes students are asked for the IELTS certificate.

What Documents do I need to apply for this University?

 The primary documents a student need for applying this University are Notary stamped scan copies of the last Academic degree certificate and testimonial, Passport, Police Clearance Certificate and Medical Certificate.

When my offer letter come after applying this University?

Usually, It takes 4 to 8 weeks to come to an offer letter from any Chinese Universities after applying.

University's other Information


Admission is going on for September Intake. Interested students are invited to apply. Both semesters are open for Diploma, Bachelor, Post-Graduates, and the Doctoral program.

To get admission information or any kind of queries, please contact:

China: +8613632437050 (Whatsapp/Wechat/Viber/IMO)


Scholarships 30%
Result Status 80%
Foreign Students 45%
Positive Reviews 80%
University Ranking 85%

All Programs

Bachelor’s Program:

Program Degree Taught by Tuition
Electronic and Information Engineering Bachelor’s Degree English RMB17000/Y
International Economics and Trade Bachelor’s Degree English RMB16000/Y
Chemical Engineering and Technology Bachelor’s Degree English RMB20000/Y
Environment and Energy Bachelor’s Degree English RMB20000/Y
Software Engineering Bachelor’s Degree English RMB16000/Y
Communication Engineering Bachelor’s Degree English RMB17000/Y
Pharmaceutical Science Bachelor’s Degree English RMB20000/Y
Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language Bachelor’s Degree Chinese RMB17000/Y
Chinese Language and Literature Bachelor’s Degree Chinese RMB11000/Y
Administration Management Bachelor’s Degree Chinese RMB17000/Y
Macromolecular Materials and Engineering Bachelor’s Degree Chinese RMB16500/Y
Material Forming and Control Engineering Bachelor’s Degree Chinese RMB22000/Y
Materials Science and Engineering Bachelor’s Degree Chinese RMB17000/Y
Metal Material Engineering Bachelor’s Degree Chinese RMB22000/Y
Law Bachelor’s Degree Chinese RMB17000/Y
Ideological and Political Education Bachelor’s Degree Chinese RMB14000/Y

Master’s Degree:

Program Degree Taught by Tuition
Business Administration (Specializing in International Trade) Master’s Degree English RMB18000/Y
Chemical Engineering and Technology Master’s Degree English RMB30000/Y
Mechanical Manufacture and Automation Master’s Degree English RMB22000/Y
Computer Software and Theory  Master’s Degree English RMB22000/Y
Inorganic Non-Metallic Materials Master’s Degree Chinese RMB18900/Y
Marxism Nationality Theory and Policy Master’s Degree Chinese RMB14960/Y
Non-ferrous Metallurgy Master’s Degree Chinese RMB31160/Y
Physical Chemistry of Metallurgy Master’s Degree Chinese RMB22000/Y

Doctoral Program:

Program Degree Taught by Tuition
Metallurgical Engineering Doctoral Degree Chinese RMB41600/Y

Fees Details

Expenses in Lanzhou University of Technology

1.Tuition Fee:

  • Bachelor Degree: 12000-14000 RMB\year
  • Master Degree: 16000-18000 RMB\year
  • Doctoral Degree: 24,000 RMB\year

2.Insurance fee: 800 RMB\year

3.Dormitory Fee:

  • Single Room: 900 RMB\month
  • Double Room: 450 RMB\month

4.Living Costs: 410-827 USD\month

After you are admitted, we will inform you via email for your confirmation of acceptance. Afterward, we will issue the admission letter, JW201/202 Form for visa application. If you wish to live on campus, please complete the Housing Application form.

Prepare Your Departure:

Before your departure, be sure to take the following materials:

(1) The Admission Letter

(2) Passport (valid for at least 6 months).

(3) JW201/202 Form

(4) Official Foreigner Physical Examination Form and your blood test report.

Be aware that the orientation is mandatory for freshman students.

Admission Procedure

Apply for a course in a Chinese University is very easy.  Students just have to follow some steps to apply for their favorite course. In order to help students complete their online application, International students are recommended to follow the following simple instructions. International applicants must provide the following documents to apply:

1.Application Form fills in Chinese or in English.

2.Passport & Passport Size Photo (Scan copy of the applicant’s )

3.Transcripts & Certificates  (Must be Notarized Copy )

For Bachelor Degree applicants, they need to only provide high school transcripts and certificates. And for Master Degree applicants, they need to show their undergraduate transcripts and certificates.  Applicants for Doctorate Degree have to provide their both (undergraduate and graduate) transcripts and certificates. 

Note: All the applicants degree (Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate) transcripts and certificates should be notarized and language should be in Chinese or English version.

4.English Proficiency Certificate

In China, some universities do not ask IELTS but if you study in Chinese Taught for CSC scholarship, English Proficiency Certificate needs to have ready. If you have IELTS already then you are lucky to study in China without delay.


Applicants must have to make their CV if you want to study abroad in your desired country. In your Resume or CV, there have to be your academic qualifications with results, personal details (name, date of birth, marital status, national Id or school Id, physical address, contact no, nationality, language, etc), reference from your institution’s faculty (his/her name, address and designation), personal achievement, etc. To know how to make a standard CV please click here the sample of The Resume.

6.Study Plan or Research Proposal

Applicants for graduate studies need a study plan or research proposal in Chinese or in English (no less than 800 words). This document required only for Ms or PhD applicants.

7.Recommendation Letter

Applicants for all graduate studies need two letters of recommendation from full professors or associate professors (in Chinese or English). Letters must be included professors’ phone numbers and email addresses. Here is the sample of Recommendation Letter

8.Published Academic Papers or Other Academic Achievements (if  applicable).

9.Foreign Physical Examination

Applicants are expected to keep the original copies filled in English. The medical examination must cover all the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete records or those without the signature of the attending physician, the official stamp of the hospital or a sealed photograph of the applicants are invalid. Medical examination results will be valid for 6 months. All applicants are kindly requested to take this factor into consideration as they plan to take the medical examination. Click here to collect Foreigner Physical Examination Form

10.Bank Statement 

Bank statements must show to any foreign country for the purpose of a visitor or a business or an immigrant. For the study purpose in foreign countries also need to show a bank statement. So dear applicants, you will need to have ready your all documents. Sponsorship can be your parents or anyone who is your blood-related.

11.Police Verification (No Criminal Record)

This is also needed to have ready for the study purpose. It is important because a foreign country does not allow criminal records. A Police Clearance Certificate is an official document approved by the police or government agencies in order to prove that the applicant has no criminal offense against him/her like arrest, conviction. For this, you need to provide your Police Clearance Certificate. A Police Certificate is also known as a good citizen certificate. See the sample of  Police clearance Certificate.

Please send us all these documents at 

Dear applicants, If you have more queries please don’t hesitate to knock on our consultants. Here is our  Consultant’s contact number : +8613632437050/ +8618852867225.  

Scholarship Information

President scholarship Lanzhou University of Technology

President Scholarship (PS) is established to encourage and support excellent foreign students to pursue degrees at the Lanzhou University of Technology. PS covers tuition fees fully or partially. Living allowance is also supported by PS.

Bachelor Degree

Application Requirements

(1)Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens and be in good health.

(2)Applicants for undergraduate program must have senior high school diploma with good academic performance

(3)Behave well, respect teachers, and unite classmates.

(4)Applicants must be less than 25 years old.

(5)The applicant must have a good command of  Chinese so as to meet the requirement of the class.  

Application Materials

(1)Application Form.

(2)Scan copy of notarized highest diploma and transcripts.

(3)HSK level 4 certificate

Master Degree

Application Requirements

(1)Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens and be in good health.

(2)Applicants for the graduate program must have a Bachelor Degree 

(3)Behave well, respect teachers, and unite classmates.

(4)Applicants must be less than 35 years old.

(5)The applicant must have a good command of  Chinese so as to meet the requirement of the class. 

Application Materials

(1)Bachelor degree certificate

(2)Scan copy of undergraduate transcripts.

(3)Scan copy of passports and Visas

(4)Two letters of recommendation (from professors)

(5)Blood test report and Health certificate

(6)Study Plan

(7)HSK level 5 certificate

Doctoral Degree

Application Requirements

(1)Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens and be in good health.

(2)Applicants for the graduate program must have a Bachelor Degree

(3)Behave well, respect teachers, and unite classmates.

(4)Applicants must be less than 40 years old.

(5)The applicant must have a good command of  Chinese so as to meet the requirement of the class. 

 Application Materials

(1)Bachelor degree certificate

(2)Scan copy of graduate transcripts.

(3)Scan copy of passports and Visas

(4)Two letters of recommendation (from professors)

(5)Blood test report and Health certificate

(6)Study plan

(7)HSK level 5 certificate.

Why choose us?

The Lanzhou University of Technology was once established in 1919 as a Technical School. In 1958 the faculty was renamed Lanzhou Polytechnic Institute; and in that identical year, after a merger with Gansu Communication College, the Institute has once renamed the Gansu University of Technology. In 1965, the University improved its strong point curriculum when three specialties from Northeast Heavy-Machine Building Institute and one uniqueness from Beijing Machine-Building Institute grew to become a phase of the University. The above specialties have been a part of the First Machine-Building Industry Ministry of China prior to transfer. Subsequent to the reorganization of the State Council of China in 1998, the University’s administration is underneath the manipulate of both the central and local governments, with the neighborhood government having the major responsibility for the operation. The University used to be renamed the Lanzhou University of Technology in May of 2003, following approval with the aid of the Education Ministry of China.

The Lanzhou University of Technology is a complete and well-recognized scientific and technological organization of higher learning. The University has great energy in engineering, a strong foundation in the science fields and high-quality programs in liberal arts.

The University is comprised of fifteen (15) faculties and departments, forty-two (42) Undergraduate and Specialty programs, twenty-three (23) Masters Degree programs, two (2) Doctorate Degree programs, one (1) National Key lab, 5 (5) Provincial Engineering Investigation Centers, and thirteen (13) University Enterprise Engineering Investigation Centers.

The University’s administrative and academic personnel exceeds 1,900 persons, which includes four hundred professors and companion professors. The University has a complete of 22,000 registered students, of which 14,000 are full-time uniqueness and undergraduate college students and 1,000 graduate students.

The campus has a landmass place of 700,000 m2 and a building location of 400,000 m2. The University’s Library has in excess of 550,000 books and magazines. The Library’s cataloging machine is managed automatically with information looking and literature transferring providers on the network. A campus computer system with statistics management and the instructing platform is available.

The university promotes great schooling for its students and continuously improves its educational and teaching procedures, as well as the nice of its academic system. In so doing, the university uses the concepts of “thickening the base, broadening the caliber, and enhancing the quality” when teaching college students to grasp their cognitive skills. As a result, the university has received two countrywide awards for “Excellent Teaching Achievement of Class I”, six awards of Class II, and extra than thirty provincial awards for “Excellent Teaching Achievement”.

The university promotes the use of cutting-edge technology, specifically statistics technology, to remodel its regular specialties and improve the best of the learning process.