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Provinces :  Jiangsu- Nanjing                       College Ranking : 1262

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Nanjing Institute of Industry and Technology

Nanjing Institute of Industry and Technology enjoys a high reputation and influence in Jiangsu and China. It has enlisted the students of the highest scores in the national entrance exam in Jiangsu vocational colleges for four years in succession. The graduate-employment also ranks the best in Jiangsu.

NIIT has been awarded an excellent unit of employment upon graduation by Jiangsu Provincial Government in many successive years because of its high graduate employment rate and it was presented by the Ministry of Education “the Best 50 Colleges for their Typical Employment Experience in China” in 2012. It is the Chairman Unit of Vocational Education Branch in Chinese Education International Exchange Association, the Chairmen Unit of the United Association for Overseas Training Program on Leaders of Chinese Vocational Colleges, the President Unit of International Exchange Branch in Vocational Education, the Vice-director Unit of Chinese Light Industry Association, and the Director Unit of Vocational Education of Chinese Light Industry Association.

NIIT is also the Director Unit of Jiangsu Light Industry Association, the Director Unit of Jiangsu Mechanical and Electrical Vocational Education Group, the President Unit of the Research Association of Jiangsu Vocational College Students Work, the President Unit of the Research Association of Logistics in Jiangsu province, etc. The institute focus on the construction of the faculty team conscientiously. Now, our college boasts 1 national an excellent teaching group, 2 provincial an excellent teaching groups, 1 provincial science, and technology innovation group, 2 provincially outstanding teachers, and 1 provincial advanced worker and 2 outstanding educators.

Nanjing Institute of Industry and Technology has always attached great importance to the cultivation and training of students’ practical ability. It has strong experiment training conditions in the school. Based on the two platforms—Professional Technology Education Branch of China Education International Exchange Association and Singapore-Jiangsu Cooperation Council, NIIT has set up very good cooperation with 6 vocational education organizations such as American Community College Association and 25 similar colleges abroad such as Nan Yang Technical Institute. It organized and planned international forums on vocational education and exchanged ideas on behalf of Chinese vocational colleges several times.

As an “Excellent” institute in terms of International exchange and corporation, till now it has set up good cooperative relations with colleges and educational organizations in several countries, i.e. the UK, New Zealand, Finland, Canada, Australia, Singapore, the United States, Korea, and Japan. Our institute has established eight majors in cooperation with overseas colleges, including Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Applied Electronics Technology, Applied Computer Technology, Business Information Technology, Electrical Automation Technology, Film and Animation, International Business, Resort and Hotel Management.

Program Types

Diploma Courses


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ),

What is the world ranking of this College?

The Country rank of this College is 926 and the world rank is 4435.

Does Chinese colleges provide programs in English?

YES, Chinese Diploma College provide programs in English. But some programs and courses are not taught in English. So it’s better to be fluent in Chinese. International Students can pursue their diploma in Chinese taught in Chinese school.

Do I need to take HSK-4 exam before applying in this school ?

Some colleges don’t need the HSK-4 certificate, but most of the schools required HSK-4 to start major courses. If you don’t have HSK-4 the college have 1 year HSK-4 foundation course for all prospective students. But if you have HSK-4 certificate then you can direct study for major courses which take only 2 years for Diploma in Chinese taught.

What Documents do I need to apply for this college?

The primary documents a student need for applying this College are Notary stamped scan copies of the last Academic degree certificate and testimonial, Passport, Police Clearance Certificate and Medical Certificate.

When my offer letter come after applying this college?

 Usually, It takes 4 to 8 weeks to come to an offer letter from any Chinese Universities after applying.

University's other Information


Admission is going on for March & September Intake. Interested students are invited to apply. Both semesters are open for Diploma.

To get admission information or any kind of queries, please contact:

China: +8613632437050 (Whatsapp/Wechat/Viber/IMO)


Scholarships 30%
Result Status 80%
Foreign Students 45%
Positive Reviews 80%
University Ranking 85%

All Programs


Non-degree Course Duration Starting Date Tuition Fee Language
Chinese 1 year September/March ¥8,000 Chinese
Chinese 1 semester September/March ¥4000 Chinese


Bachelor-Program Course Duration Starting Date Tuition Fee / Year Language
Mechatronics Technology (3+2) 5 years September ¥8,000 English
Software technology (3+2) 5 years September ¥8,000 English
International Business (3+2) 5 years September ¥8,000 English
Electronic and Information Engineering Technology (3+2) 5 years September ¥8000 English

Fees Details

Fees in Nanjing Institute of Industry and Technology


Category Fees
Tuition 8000 Yuan/Year
Accommodation Twin Room 2000 Yuan/Year
Single Room 4000 Yuan/Year
Residence Permit One Year 400 Yuan
Physical Test 400 Yuan
Health Insurance 650 Yuan/year
Books 500 Yuan/Year(Waiver for Excellent Student)
Bedding 460 Yuan(Waiver for Excellent Student)
Electricity 320 units free/Year

Admission Procedure

Applying for any course in Nanjing Institute of Industry and Technology is very easy. Following some easy steps, you can easily apply for your desired course. you can complete your application online by following some simple steps. 

Here is the detail information about the required admission documents. International applicants are highly recommended to provide the following documents.

1. Passport Size Photo & Passport (Scan copy)


The first thing you must need to have a passport. This is a very essential document because without a passport you can not go abroad or your dream country where you want to study or live. To have a passport makes you feel secure to live. So if you don’t have it yet, we advise you to make your passport ready from the embassy office in your home country as soon as possible. Moreover, if you already have your passport,  then make sure your passport is not expired. If your passport already expired then you need to renew it. Here is a sample of a passport.

Passport Size Photo

The general size of the passport size photo is (50mm x 40mm). Applying for admission, your passport size photo should be clear and the background must be plain, white or off-white in color. The height of the head has to be between 28mm – 33mm and head width has to be between 21mm–24mm. Advice to submit a color photo which is taken in the last 6 months. Use a clear picture of your face. Do not use any filters and take off your eyeglasses for passport size photos, selfies or pictures with someone do not use as a passport size photo. Here is a sample of a Passport Size Photo.

2. Transcripts & Certificates  (Must be Notarized Copy)

If you are interested to apply for Bachelor’s Degree you need to provide your school transcripts and certificates. For a Master’s Degree, you have to provide your undergraduate transcripts and certificates, And for doctorate degree, you have to provide your both (undergraduate and graduate) transcripts and certificates. 

Note: All the applicant’s transcripts and certificates must be notarized and language should be in Chinese or English version.

3. Police Verification (No Criminal Record)

Police clearance is very important for going to abroad because a foreign country does not allow any criminal records. A Police Clearance Certificate is an official document approved by the police or government agencies to prove that you have no criminal offense against you like arrest, conviction. This Certificate is also known as a good citizen certificate. See the sample of the Police Clearance Certificate.

4. Foreigners Physical Examination/Checkup/Report

You must have to fill the original copies in English. The medical examination must include all the items which are listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete reports or without the signature of the attending physician and the official stamp of the hospital or a sealed picture of yours are invalid. Medical examination results will be valid for the next 6 months, after 6 months you have5 to do it again. All applicants are kindly requested to require this issue into thought as you decide to take the medical checkup. Click here to gather the Foreigner Physical Examination sample.

5. English Proficiency Certificate

IELTS is not necessary for all Chinese universities but if you want CSC scholarship English proficiency certificate is very important. If you have done IELTS already then you are welcome to study in China without any delay.

6. CV/Resume

You must have to prepare your CV or resume to study abroad in your desired country. Academic qualifications with results, personal details (name, date of birth, marital status, physical address, national Id or school Id, nationality, language, contact no,  etc), reference from your institution’s faculty (his/her name, address and designation), personal achievement, etc are must for a perfect CV. Here is a sample of a CV/resume.

7. Study Plan or Research Proposal (Ms/Ph.D.)

If you want to apply for MS/Ph.D. you must need a study plan or research proposal in Chinese or English (no less than 800 words). A study plan describes in detail what you are going to do with the scholarship. Explain your main educational goal, and how you want to achieve this. And keep it your mind that it is very important, that helps in an excellent organization as well as creating a sense of liability in your learning process. This document is needed only for Ms or Ph.D. applicants, so please make sure that your study plan or research proposal states that information as specific as possible.

8. 2 Recommendation Letters (Ms/Ph.D)

Applicants for all graduate studies need two recommendation letters from full professors or associate professors (in Chinese or English). The professors must have to be your known and obviously, you have completed any course with them. A recommended letter must have to mention about your academic and personal traits and emphasize the strengths that are relevant to the department or university where you are applying. Have to maintain a positive and enthusiastic tone about you. Letters must be included with professors’ phone numbers and email addresses. Here is the sample of the Recommendation Letter.

9. Published Journal or Other Academic Achievements (if applicable).

Journal publication is not mandatory for applying Ph.D. When you planned for Ph.D. in china or other countries, journal publication will play a major role in getting admission into a good University and it might help in reducing the length of your Ph.D.

10. Bank Statement

bank statement is mandatory to show any foreign country for different purposes of a visitor, a business or immigrants. These rules are not changeable for study, students also need to show the bank statement. So, applicants, you have to ensure that your all documents are ready. Sponsorship can be your parents or any other sponsors.

11. Study Gap Certificates

If you are not a current student or after complete your bachelor you left your study then you have to submit a gap certificate. Gap certificate is an affidavit that is used to show a gap in education or further study. Gap certificate provides your statement on the non-judicial stamp paper stating the reason for taking the gap and claim that you did not take admission to any other college, university or courses during the gap year. You can get this stamp paper from any notary, sub-registry office or court and contact with an advocate they will prepare your gap certificate.

12. Fill the application form in Chinese or English

Fills this form in Chinese or English language. It is essential to fill all the information that should be very authentic. Click here to get the Application Form sample.

Please send us all these documents through our E-Mail:

Dear applicants, If you have more queries please don’t hesitate to knock our consultants. Here is our  Consultant’s contact number : +8613632437050/ +8618852867225. 

Why choose us?

Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology (NIIT) is one of the oldest higher vocational institutions in China. Established in 1918, and NIIT was known by the name of Mr. Huang Yanpei, who was an outstanding democratic revolutionary, social activist and educationist in modern China.

Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology has 3 campuses such as Zhongshan campus, Tiantang campus and Xianlin campus, the construction area of NIIT closely 400,000 square meters. Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology has 13,000 full-time students, The total value of the teaching and science research apparatus and instruments 147 million RMB. Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology has 1 million books collection in the college library. 

Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology is made up of 10 principal academic units including School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Energy and Electrical Engineering, School of Economic and Business Management, School of IT and Software, including majors of Japanese and Korean, School of International Education, School of Continuing Education, School of Art Design, School of Humanity and Science, Department of Social Science and Department of Physical Education. NIIT has 17 specialty groups comprised of 48 specialty orientations and, 3 national training bases.


No. 1-North YangShan Road, Qixia District, Nanjing, China


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