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Shenyang Urban Construction University

Province: LiaoningShenyang                               University Ranking: 11541

About University

About Shenyang Urban Construction University (沉阳城市建设大学)
Shenyang Urban Construction University (SYUCU) is a full-time university that provides high-demand degree programs in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture Design, Road Traffic, Project Management, Electronic Information, and Art Design. Currently, the university has more than 11 thousand registered students. The university is located in Shenyang, a charming, historic, and cultural city in Liaoning

SYUCU History (SYUCU的历史)
SYUCU was formerly known as “Urban Construction College of Shenyang Architectural University, which was established in July 2000. After a 13-year experience of providing undergraduate degrees to the students, the college has been approved by the Ministry of Education in 2013 as a formal independent university. 

SYUCU  Campus (SYUCU校园)
Shenyang Urban Construction University (SYUCU) campus, 沉阳城市建设大学校园, is located in a 62-hectare land area. It has 300,000 sq meters of building space which serves academic and dormitory purposes. The campus is organized in a way that makes it so charming. The multimedia classrooms hold 50,000 sq meters housed in the magnificent curved building. The modern library is housed in 19,000 sq meters of space by an amazing lake. The library has a huge collection of 800,000 books. The second academic building and the laboratory are situated in 280,000 sq meters of space. The Student Activity Center and the International Communication Center cover 148,000 sq meters together. There are also an indoor stadium and an international standardized plastic playground on the campus.

SYUCU Student Dormitory (SYUCU学生宿舍)
On-campus accommodation for the students is available at Shenyang Urban Construction University dormitory (沉阳城市建设大学学生宿舍). Domestic and international student dormitories are separate ones. The dormitories are equipped with all kinds of modern facilities. The international students can lodge in newly built modern dormitories. There are single and double rooms equipped with air conditioners, uninterrupted hot water supply, TV, high-speed internet, writing desk, chair, heating equipment, and wardrobe are available. Extra services and life guides are also provided to the international students by the university. The security system of the university is very strong. It has set a professional security monitor to high security. The clean and comfortable dormitory is an ideal place for international students to live and study in a calm and quiet environment.

SYUCU Surroundings (SYUCU环境)
The university is in the center of the Hunnan district of “University Town.” The town is named “University Town” because it has 8 universities. Shenyang Urban Construction University (SYUCU) is one of them. Besides, Liaoning Science and Technology Museum, Liaoning Provincial Museum, and Liaoning Provincial Library are also located near the university. As the university is in the new administration and educational area, convenient transportation, excellent research and innovation, and cutting-edge energy-saving facilities are available in the locality.

SYUCU Faculty (SYUCU系)
The faculty members of the university (SYUCU),  沉阳城市建设大学(SYUCU)教员, are alumni of renowned universities of home and abroad. Currently, it has more than 500 faculty members. 35% of them are professors and associate professors and 80% of the total faculty are MA or above. Many of the teachers are the famous experts of Liaoning province who hold the organizational, municipal, and national leading positions in their respective fields.

SYUCU Departments (沉阳城市建设大学系)
Shenyang Urban Construction University (SYUCU) has 7 departments, 3 colleges, and 25 undergraduate programs, and 11 professional training programs. The bachelor’s programs include Civil Engineering, Architecture, Business Administration, and many more. The professional training includes Highway & Bridge Engineering, Survey Engineering, Environmental Design, Numerical Control Technology, etc.

Research Labs (沉阳城市建设大学研究实验室)
The university is enriched with its research opportunities. It has established research institutes of Stone Engineering, Intelligent Construction Equipment Control, Human Resources and Social Security, Human Inhabitation & Settlement Environment, Structure & Engineering Material, Architecture Information Technology, Inner Environment Evaluation, Engineering Mechanic Application Technology, and Engineering Cost. Great innovations and achievements are carried out by the research institutes. 

Training Programs (培训课程)
The university launched mixed training plans based on different orientations such as Technology Innovation, Senior Engineer, Senior Management, Continuing Postgraduate Study, Social Activities, and Talents to train students. These enable the students to choose their goals according to their habits and specializations and enhance competitiveness.

Co-curricular Activities (沉阳城市建设大学课外活动)
Co-curricular activities are also practiced at the university. To train qualified managers for football players and enhance on-campus activities, the football college was established. Sports meetings, reading festivals, musical festivals, speech competitions, and lots of activities are organized by the student’s union. The students achieve tens of municipal, provincial, and national prizes every year. 

International Cooperation & Exchange (国际合作与交流)
The university also maintains a strong tie with international universities and organizations so that the students can pursue their studies further or start work after graduation easily. Currently, it has active cooperation with famous schools, contracts with Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for informatics,  Southern Illinois University, Eastern Illinois University. It has also established connections with the universities in Australia and Germany to open the doors of opportunities for the students. 

Achievement (成就)
SYUCU encourages effective engineering training programs and emphasizes the practical and innovative spirit of the students. The university facilitates the students with internship programs. Graduates from 12 sessions have been successfully employed; they were highly praised by their employers because of their excellent theoretical knowledge and skillful practical ability. The employment rate of the graduates of the university is always high and ranks top among the universities of the province. For the last six consecutive years, it has ranked the top position in this regard for which it was awarded the title, Employment Entrepreneurship Advanced Unit of Shenyang.” The graduates of the university enjoy a high reputation in thousands of enterprises. Now, the university has been the cradle of future construction engineers.

University's Program Types





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ),

What is the world ranking of Shenyang Urban Construction University?

Ans: The country ranking of Shenyang Urban Construction University is 843 and the world ranking is 11541.

Does the university provide programs in English?

Ans: Yes, the university provides programs in English. International students can pursue their degrees taught in English at the university.

Do I need to take an IELTS or TOEFL certification for applying to the university?

Ans: No, you don’t need IELTS or TOEFL certification for getting admitted to this University. But, to apply for a Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) sometimes students are asked for an IELTS certificate.

What Documents do I need for applying to this University?

Ans: The primary documents you need to apply to the university are Notary stamped scan copies of the last Academic degree certificate and testimonial, Passport, Police Clearance Certificate, and Medical Certificate.

How much time is needed for receiving an offer letter after applying to the university?

Ans: Usually, it takes 4 to 8 weeks to receive an offer letter from any Chinese university after submitting an application.

University's other Information


Admission is going on for March and September intake. Interested students are invited to apply. Both semesters are open for Diploma, Bachelor, Post-Graduates, and Doctoral programs.

If you want further information about the admission or have any other queries, please feel free to contact us:

China: +8613632437050 (Whatsapp/Wechat/Viber/IMO)


Scholarships 30%
Result Status 80%
Foreign Students 45%
Positive Reviews 80%
University Ranking 85%

All Programs

Non-Degree Programs  (沉阳城市建设大学非学位课程):

Program Teaching Medium Duration Tuition Fee (RMB) Starting Date Action
Chinese Language Chinese 1 month 2000 Flexible Apply Now
Chinese Language Chinese 1 year 11,000 Mar/Sep Apply Now

Bachelor’s Programs (沉阳城市建设大学学士学位课程)

Program Teaching Medium Duration Tuition Fee (RMB) Entrance Time Action
Civil Engineering English 4 years 13,000/year Mar/Sep Apply Now
Architecture English 5 years 15,000/year Sep Apply Now
BBA English 4 years 12,000/year Mar/Sep Apply Now

Fees Details

Fees (沉阳城市建设大学收费):
Expenses at Shenyang Urban Construction University for international students:
    1. Tuition Fees:

  • Non-degrees: 2,000 to 11,000 RMB.
  • Bachelor’s: 12,000 to 15,000 RMB.

     2. Accommodation Fees (沉阳城市建设大学住宿费用):

  • Dormitory Deposit: 600 RMB (Refundable upon leaving).
  • Single Room: 900 RMB/Month (water & electricity bills are not included).
  • Double Room: 450 RMB/Month (water & electricity bills are not included).

     3. Food Cost: 1,000 RMB (Varies depending on lifestyle).

    4. Application Fee: 800 RMB (Non-Refundable).

    5. Service Fee: USD 50 (Non-Refundable).

    6. Living Expenses: 2,000 to 2,500 RMB/Month.

    7. Medical Checkup: 337 RMB (Approximately).

    8. Residence Permit: 400 RMB (Approximately).

After you get admitted, we will inform you via email for confirmation of acceptance. Afterward, we will issue the admission letter, JW201/202 Form for visa application. If you wish to live on-campus, you have to fill out the Housing Application form.

Admission Procedure

Applying for any course at Shenyang Urban Construction University (沉阳城市建设大学) is very easy. Following some easy steps, you can easily apply for your desired course. You can complete your application online by following some simple steps.

Here is the detailed information about the required admission documents. International applicants are highly recommended to provide the following documents.

1. Passport & Passport Size Photo (Scan Copy)
First of all, you must have a passport. As we know passport is a very essential document and without this, we can not leave our country. So if you don’t have it yet, we advise you to make it from your home country as soon as possible. Moreover, if you already have your passport, then make sure that it is not expired. If your passport already expired then you need to renew it. Please note, your passport must have to be ready before your visa processing. See a sample of a passport.

Passport Size Photo
The general size of the passport size photo is (50mm x 40mm). For applying to china universities, your passport size photo has to be clear and the background must be plain, white, or off-white in color. The height of the head is between 28mm – 33mm and the head width 21mm–24mm. Advice to submit a color photo which is taken 6 months before. Use a clear picture of your face. Do not use any filters and take off your eyeglasses for passport size photos, selfies, or pictures with someone do not use as a passport size photo. Here is a sample of a Passport Size Photo.

2. Academic Transcript and Certificate (must be a notarized copy)
Submit your immediate academic transcripts & certificate for applying. For example, if you are applying for a bachelor’s program, submit your school transcripts and certificates. For a Master’s Degree provide your undergraduate transcripts and certificates. When you are applying for Ph.D., you have to provide both (undergraduate and graduate) transcripts and certificates. Transcript And Certificate are important, it help universities to decide if you have the necessary background and skills for the major. All Transcripts and Certificates must have to be notarized. You can notarize your document from an advocate who is authorized by the government.

Note: All the applicant’s transcripts and certificates must be notarized and the language should be Chinese or English.

3. CV/Resume
You must prepare a CV or resume for applying in foreign countries. CV acts as your business profile, though universities are not interested in detailed descriptions of your jobs or experience, you have to add this. You should focus on your published academic papers, describe academic group works or extracurricular activities, relevant think-thanks, etc. Add your academic qualifications with results, personal details, personal achievements these are a must for a perfect CV. Here is a sample of a CV/resume.

4. Physical Examination
Aspiring international students are required to take a medical examination to ensure that they are in good physical condition. The medical examination must include all the items which are listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. The medical examination result will be declared as invalid without the signature of the attending doctor and hospital stamp or seal. You must bring the original medical documents when you come to arrive in China. The Medical certificate will be carried out on behalf of The Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Public Security. Have a look at the sample of a physical examination form.

5. Police Clearance
The police clearance certificate is known as “No Criminal Record Certificate” and also known as a good citizen certificate. Police clearance is very important for going abroad because a foreign country does not allow any criminal records. Police Clearance Certificate is an official document approved by the police or government agencies to prove that you have no criminal offense like arrest, conviction. Additionally, a police clearance certificate is valid for the next 6 months, After 6 months of issue, it will be declared as invalid. See the sample of a Police Clearance Certificate.

6. Bank Statement
A bank statement is mandatory when we go foreign for different purposes like a visitor, a business, or immigrants. These rules are not changeable for study. So, students also have to show a bank statement. China has no strict rules that only your parents have to be your sponsor. Anyone can be your sponsor. See the sample of a bank statement.

7. English Proficiency Certificate
For studying in China you must have to submit your English proficient certificate to prove your English skills. It is not mandatory that you must have IELTS, you can take English Proficiency Certificate from your school or university. Additionally, If you have done IELTS or TOFEL you can submit it. See the sample of an English language proficiency certificate.

8. HSK certificate of proficiency in Chinese (if you have)
If you want to study in Chinese taught and want to get a CSC scholarship then you must have to submit an HSK certificate of proficiency in Chinese. HSK is not mandatory for English taught, but if you have it will be beneficial for you. HSK supervised by the HSK Center of Beijing Language and Culture University to judge the Chinese language skill of non-native speakers. See the sample of the HSK certificate.

9. 2 Recommendation Letter (Ms/Ph.D.)
Students of masters & Ph.D. have to submit two recommendation letters. A recommendation letter is usually written by a supervisor, colleague, and teacher. Two recommendation letters have to be written by two-person. Make sure that the writer knows you very well and you have completed any course with them or work with them. In the letter mention your academic and personal traits and emphasize the strengths that are relevant to the major or university where you are applying. Have to maintain a positive and enthusiastic tone about you and include the professor’s phone numbers and email addresses. Here is the sample of the Recommendation Letter.

10. Study Plan/ Research Proposal (Ms/PhD)
If you want to apply for MS/Ph.D you must need a study plan or research proposal in Chinese or English (no less than 800 words). A study plan describes in detail what you are going to do with the scholarship. Explain your main educational goal, and how you want to achieve this. And keep in mind that it is very important, that helps in an excellent organization as well as creating a sense of liability in your learning process. This document is needed only for Ms or Ph.D. applicants, so please make sure that your study plan or research proposal states that information as specific as possible. See the sample of a Study Plan.

11. Study Gap Certificates
A study gap certificate is an affidavit that is used to show a gap in education or further study. The certificate provides your statement on the non-judicial stamp paper stating the reason for taking the gap and claiming that you did not take admission to any other college, university, or courses during the period. You can get this stamp paper from any notary, sub-registry office, or court and contact an advocate for the certificate.

12. Application Form
Fills this form in Chinese or English language. It is essential to fill in all the information that should be very authentic. Click here to get a sample of an Application Form. You can also apply through this form.

Please send us all these documents through our E-Mail:

  • If you have any queries please feel free to contact us. H n  ere is our consultant’s contact number: +8613632437050/ +8618852867225.

Please note that official academic records (transcripts), degree certificates that are not in English must be kept with the English or Chinese translated ones. Transcripts become the property of the university upon submission, and will not be returned to applicants. All application materials can be sent by email or post to International College, but applicants should bring all the original copies required when they complete student registration at the international office at CTBU. If the applicant is younger than 18 years of age, please provide a signed approval statement from your parents.

Scholarship Information

Shenyang Urban Construction University (沉阳城市建设大学) is setting up a series of scholarship schemes to sponsor international students and scholars to undertake studies and research.

Application Requirements

  1. Applicants should have to be non-Chinese or foreigners, hold a valid foreign passport and meet the appropriate requirements of studying abroad in China.
  2. Applicants should be adaptable to Chinese culture and be in good health.
  3. Applicants who want to pursue an undergraduate or a long-term language program must have a senior high school diploma and aged below 30.
  4. Applicants should have excellent academic performance and have a good command of English
  5. Law-abiding, diligent and studious, good grades and good conduct.

Application Materials 

  1. Application Form.
  2. Scan copy of notarized highest diploma and transcripts.
  3. San copy of Study Plan or Research Proposal (800 words or above).
  4. Two Recommendation Letters (written in Chinese or English) signed by a professor or an associate professor who knows you.
  5. Scan copy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form or Blood Examination Report or notarized photocopy.
  6. Students under 18 should have to submit relevant legal documents from their guardians.

Why choose us?

Shenyang Urban Construction University (SYUCU) is a high-demand degree providing university in China. It runs bachelor’s programs in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture Design, Road Traffic, and so on. The university is located in Shenyang, a charming, historic, and cultural city in Liaoning.

The university area has available transportation and other modern facilities. The campus has also convenient transport facilities of its own. It has an enormous building capacity (300,000 sq meters) that avails rooms for all the academic and non-academic activities. The whole campus is well organized and charming.

The international student dormitory (国际学生宿舍) is housed in attractive apartments. These are equipped with all kinds of modern amenities. Students can comfortably live and study here. The security system of the dormitory is also appreciable. Extra services are also provided to the international students by the university.

The university has available research facilities. The students can research in laboratories in the research institutes. Moreover, the university launched mixed training plans based on different orientations such as Technology Innovation. Students get hands-on training being under the supervision of their teachers. 

The employment rate of the graduates of the university is also remarkable. The graduates easily get their long waited jobs. They get specialized training in their respective fields. The employers in China prioritize the graduates of Shenyang Urban Construction University for employment.

The university attaches great importance to international cooperation and exchange. It has contracts with renowned universities and organizations in many countries. The university currently has a connection with Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for informatics,  Southern Illinois University, Eastern Illinois University. Many universities in Australia and Germany are also connected to the university. This can be the pathway for the students to grow further.