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“Be Our Global Partner”

Why Join Us?

Digi Edu Pro friendly agent platform. Our Agents/Partners/Associate can enjoy various services. Both Individual and Business agent. Persons and company have great opportunity to recruiting students to having theirs country.
Digi Edu Pro always welcome our global partners.

Risk Free Apply

Agents whether individuals or business will enjoy risk-free applications for 2021. If unfortunately, admission does not go success, our partners will get back 100% refund.
So individual agents who have no business experience and lack of financial capability can start international students recruiting from their country and easy to take small challenges. Besides our business agent also can be confident with their prospective students not to losing any money for processing.

Business Development

Individual agent also can develop their business and can earn mentionable profit. Individual and Business agent both they can cooperate with us base on commission or rate per students. As per numbers of students can enjoy different service fees. Establish yourself as a successful in business.

Extensive Supports

Agents will get free consultancy supports for documentation +Admission + Scholarship. Business agents will get authorisation letters and can arrange spot admission to arrange Visit university personnel. Digi Edu Pro will provide full length supports documentation to registration in university after visa. Strength to apply more than 300 Universities in China.
DigieduProAgent Study in China

Growing With Digi Edu Pro

Individual Agent-digiedupro

Who is Individual Agent? :

A  single human being as distinct from a group or company who have no opportunities to open business or no have sufficient time as a students or job holder in any countries in the world.

Everybody Can Join :

No matter your location or countries whether you have experience or not. Any person can work with Us as an individual agent and can provide students as much as he/she can. We always appreciate Individual agent to grow with Digi Edu Pro @ Study in China.

No Issues With Working Time :

Whenever you have time can promote our offers in social media and different apps to let know prospective students about our offers.

Earning as a Students or  Occupied in Any Professions :

There are 2 ways you can work with Digi Edu Pro, 1. Commission  Base: Digi Edu Pro will provide Certain percentage of commission as per students number and Digi Edu Pro will provide full Consultancy supports as well for your students. 2.  Rate Basis: you can charge your students on Application, Admission , Scholarship and earn your profit by paying us certain service fee.


Sufficient Offers:

More than 400+ University resources with 5000+ Scholarship offers for our global business Partners beside self funded Programs. Digi Edu Pro can ensure supporting for our partners applicants documentation to admission with authentic information.

Fruitfull :

Digi Edu Pro offer you comprehensive A-Z service for china admission which is less time consuming and profitable. By of our expert consultants supports you can work with multi disciplinary  applicants even you dont have big business setup.

Enhance your Business :

Regarding China study issues Digi Edu Pro will provide you service for admission and scholarship. You can attract students easily by offering them outstanding scholarships which offers to our Business agents. Even started less volume students by authentic supports of Digi Edu Pro experts team have chance to grow up well with favorable reputations beside earning.

Get Success :

Smile for you and family as well as your prospective students to give them right bridge  in order to brilliant start for theirs career.

    Simple Ways to Work With us as a Partner

    Be DEP Agent 

    We appreciate you to fill up the agents form whether Individual or Business and register with Digi Edu Pro as well as submit your business documents. After evaluating documents our consultants will communicate short span of time.  some cases if needed sign and agreement specially for business agent we will do subjective on negotiation.

    Start Application Process 

    You can apply your students documents over our online system or send documents by email . After uploading or sending email please don’t forget to confirm your consultant. Of Digi Edu Pro If you have any problem with students documentation always keep in touch with consultants he/she always ready to guide. Applying part is very important to get success for admission. So our partners have to be always responsible for this.

    Pay Application Processing Fee 

    Upon checking documents if everything is ok our consultants will ask to pay fee which may vary subjective of schools. After receiving fee consultant will submit application in school as per your students required majors . wait until admission result out after evaluating by university admission office. Your consultant will update you on time during all process. Unfortunately If admission not goes success ,you will get back 100% application processing fee for the year 2021.

    Pay Service fee Upon Admission 

    After admission you need to pay service fee. Upon receiving payment our Digi Edu Pro office or University will send Original Admission Letter + JW form by courier which need to submit embassy to obtain chinese student visa.