Can China’s universities provide programs taught in English?

Yes. There are bachelors, master and doctorate programs taught in English at China’s universities. And they are mainly MBBS, business programs, engineering programs, and computer science and technology.

Do I need to take an IELTS or TOEFL exam before applying?

There is no English language test requirement for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs taught in English. However, it is strongly advised that students with a good background in English apply for the programs.

How many universities recruit foreign students in China?

There are nearly 1000 universities in China that can recruit international students but around 300 universities are internationally recognized. Therefore, it will be difficult for you to search for the right school and the right program.

I searched for the program I want to apply but nothing was found, what should I do?

If you searched for a program, and nothing was found, it means there is no available program in English in Chinese Universities. You can apply for a Chinese language course, and then apply for the program in Chinese, or you can search for another program.

Do I need HSK for a degree program of English?

No, if you are applying for English taught programs, you don’t need to provide an HSK certificate. If you are applying for Chinese taught programs you’ll have to pass HSK (level depends on University and the program you are applying for).

Are the same degree required for non degree program?

No, for the non-degree program you usually have to submit:

  • Application form;
  • Photocopy of passport;
  • Photocopy of Highest Academic Diploma or Certificate;
  • A copy of guarantor’s passport or ID
  • But some Universities might require more documents.For more information contact us.

My Sons/Daughter isn’t 18 years old yet, Can He/She study in China?

Yes, students who are under 18 years old can study in China, but only non-degree programs. To study the non-degree program they have to provide a guardian letter and a guardian’s ID/passport. The Guardian has to be a Chinese citizen or a foreigner with a work visa in China.

For degree programs, students have to be 18 years old or above.

Do I need visa to study in China?

Foreign students studying in China are required to hold an ordinary passport and either an X1 visa (study period of more than 180 days) or an X2 visa (study period of no more than 180 days.). Applicants should apply for a Chinese visa from their nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate.

What is JW201 & JW202 form?

According to Chinese laws, foreign students studying in China should have a student’s visa for entrance. With the school admission notice, the required document of visa application for study in China(Form JW201or JW202), students apply for the student’s visa in the Chinese embassy or consulate in their own countries. After the new regulations which take effect on September 1, 2013, students who plan to study in China for over 6 months will be issued an X-1 visa, and those for less than or equal to 6 months will be issued an X-2 visa. The Chinese embassy or consulate has full authority to make the decision if the applicant should be issued a visa or not.

JW201 / JW202 is a form generated by a Chinese university upon admission acceptance. Once you’re accepted, your Chinese university will send you “Visa Application for Study in China(JW202 Form)”. JW201 is for those studying in China on a full scholarship or partial scholarship while JW202 is for those studying in China by self-supporting or partial scholarship. The Chinese authorized unit is the one who decides which one to issue. Not only they are used for the application of the student visa (X-Visa), but also for the renewal and extension of the student visa after the student registers in the university.

Students should keep the original copies of both documents and bring them to China. The photocopy of these documents is not qualified for the visa affairs. Since the student’s visa has a period of validity, students should arrange the trip reasonably and register at the university on time. Arriving in China too early may result in a visa expires before the indicated registration time. Late arrival always disturbs the arrangement of the study schedule.

What are the foods cost in China?

China is a super big country with lot of small and big cities. Expenses depend based on the city but it’s approximate $50-$600 vary on the person the ways he/she does act.

Why we suggest not applying university directly?

The procedure is quite complicated. Most universities do not provide online application and it’s difficult to complete application in right way. You need to download the application form, transfer application fee from the bank, and deliver application documents. And you won’t be able to track your application status.

School teachers cannot provide high-quality and timely service. University admission committee is processing thousands of applications every year. So attempting to get response towards your questions about entry requirements, program details and your application status could take a while. Many students complain that nobody replies their email, no one answers their calls or even some teachers cannot communicate with English.

Admission package (admission letter , JW202) might get lost during delivery. Normally, the university mail students’ admission package by air mail. It’s slow and easy to get lost. If this happens, you will miss the chance for studying in China.

How Much Can This Scholarship Save for You?

Full Scholarship could even save you tuition fee, accommodation and monthly allowance which is up to $30,000-$40,000 in total. A partial scholarship could even save you tuition fees and accommodation or only tuition fees, which is up to $10,000-$20,000.

Why students need to pay deposit?

Because of the low service fee, many students provide us their documents but after having admission successfully, few of them deny to come. If you deny accepting then your deposit won’t be refundable. To stop this kind of incident we asked for the deposit from students. If you don’t pay the deposit then we won’t process your documents.

If I failed to get the scholarship then application fee refundable?

No, because the application process for this scholarship is complicated and hard to deal with. We need a very long time to help you apply it. As a result, it is not refundable.

Can I apply through any local agency?

Yes, you can apply but there is no such difference to apply directly by yourself or apply through a local agency. We advise you not to apply for China’s universities through a local agency. There are also a few other reasons – 1. The agency charges you high service fee 2. It might recommend the not desirable school to you 3. It cannot provide the necessary help when you encounter problems in China.

Is there an entrance examination for bachelor programs in China’s universities?

There is no entrance exam for most universities. Currently, there are some universities that organize students to take entrance exams for bachelor programs. There are Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, University of International Business and Economics, Fudan University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Can students with O-LEVEL or IGCSE apply for Bachelor programs in China?

Normally, the basic requirement for China’s bachelor programs is high school graduates, which equals the accomplishment of 12 years’ study. O LEVEL or IGCSE does not meet this requirement, thus students with these two results are not qualified for China’s bachelor programs.

When should I apply + What’s the application deadline?

Applicants should apply for their chosen program at least three months before the starting date, which means you have to apply before July. It is important to check the deadline for your chosen course(s). If you want to apply for a scholarship then you have to apply from January to April.

What’s the procedure to apply through Digi Edu Pro?

First, we suggest discussing details with our expert education consultants to be clear every point to study in China. Then the consultant will follow up the A-Z application to Visa.

What fees should I pay during application?

You need to pay the application fee which is directly charged by the university. After having an admission letter you need to pay for DHL cost, which’s secure and faster than airmail.

What are the payment methods?

You can pay by bank transfer to our China Digi Edu Pro account, Paypal, Western Union, Moneygram, etc. Some of the countries we have local offices, students also can pay by their local currency.

Can I pay the application fee after I get admitted?

Every university in China has an application fee.

It is required to process the application documents and covers the cost of preparing the students visa and sending the documents to the students by mail in the home country.

The application fee is always paid before admission and it’s not refundable, no matter whether you get the admission or not.

How long does it cost for the university to deal with my application?

Processing time for Chinese language applications is less than a degree program application. Normally, you can get the admission decision in 2 to 4 weeks for the Chinese language application. But the universities deal with degree programs application at a certain time. Usually, applications for the fall semester will be processed after February, and the processing time is from 1 to 2 months. This also depends on your qualifications and the number of applicants.

What should I do next if my application is accepted?

We will inform and email you the application status. If it’s “ACCEPTED”, it means the university is processing admission notice and JW 202 form for you. It takes about 1 to 6 weeks. We will inform you to confirm the mailing address once you receive the admission package from the university.

In addition, you also need to do the following things: a) Visa application b) Buy air-ticket. c) Prepare luggage

Do we have Scholarship Service Fee?

Yes, we have processing fee for scholarship students.

Do students need to pay deposit for applying scholarship?

Sure, to secure yourself and our service – you have to pay a deposit.

Can I Get Refund If I Didn’t Get the Scholarship?

If you failed to get the scholarship, we refund you all you have paid ( except Application Fee).

Can I do part-time job in China?

Yes, besides study you are allowed to do a part-time job in China but you’ve to take permission from university and police station. Only long term students are permitted to work but not more than 20 hours a week.