How to Process for Application & Admission

Applying With Digiedupro For Your Desired University In China Is Very Easy. Here You Need To Follow Some Steps To Process The Admission In China With Digi Edu Pro.

Step 1
Required Documents

Step 2

Step 3
Application Processing

Step 4

Step 5
Courier Visa Documents


Step 6
Apply for Visa

Step 7
Pre-departure Preparation

Step 8
Airport Pick Up

Step 9
Registration In Campus

Step 10
Residence Permit


Step 1 :
Application Required Documents: Applying for any courses at the Chinese universities, you’ll need the following documents:

  1. Passport Scan Copy
  2. Passport Size Photo
  3. Academic Transcripts & Certificates (Notarized color photocopy+ if not in English/Chinese, translated & notarized copies needed)
  4. CV/Resume How to Write a CV/Resume
  5. Physical Examination Report
  6. Police Clearance.
  7. English/Chinese Proficiency Certificate
  8. Bank Statement
  9. Study Gap Certificate (If you have study gap)

Only Masters/Ph.D. students will need the below additional documents.
10. Two Recommendation Letters How to Write a Recommendation Letter
11. Study Plan/Research Proposal How to Write a Study Plan

NB: All the Documents Must Have to be Original and Authentic.

Step 2 :

Applying: When your required documents are ready, you can apply for your desired university. There are two ways to apply:
a. You can send your documents by email:

Nursing in China
Email Sample Image

b. Apply through our online system: You can submit your documents and other information by online application form, click the button below to submit –

Form Submit Sample
DM / MD in China

Step 3 :

Application Processing: After successful application, you have to pay the application processing fees as per the payment invoice. Upon receiving the fees, our application department will proceed with your application. After successful payment, you will get a paid invoice as well.


Step 4 :

Admission: After getting a successful admission notice/confirmation letter from university, you have to pay the service fee as per mentioned on invoice.

Admission Letter Sample

Sample Admission Letter China University

NB: You can pay your service fee after verifying your admission/scholarship from the university.

Top Chinese University List
Diploma University China

Step 5 :

Courier Visa Documents: Upon getting the payment of the service fees, DigiEduPro or the university will courier the original Admission Letter and Visa Application(JW) that have to be submitted along with other required documents to the Chinese Embassy to apply for the visa.

china International courier service

Step 6 :

Apply for Visa: After receiving the original documents  (Admission Letter and Visa Application), you have to apply for the visa in your local Chinese Embassy. Our expert consultants will always assist you to prepare the subordinate documents to get the visa.

JW Form Sample

JW-form-Sample China
pharmacy in China
China University of Mining and Technology

Step 7 :

Pre-departure Preparation: Once you get the visa you have to enter China during the university registration time.

Student Visa Sample

Student Visa Sample

So, you have to purchase air ticket based on registration date mentioned on the admission letter. Before leaving for china, be careful to bring the necessary things:

1) All the original documents including Admission Letter, Visa Application (JW form), Academic Transcripts, Certificates, Physical Examination, Police Clearance, Study Gap Certificate (if any study gap), Language Proficiency Certificate, etc.
2) Download VPN on mobile and laptop, international sites like Facebook, Youtube, Google, and some apps including WhatsApp, Viber, IMO are banned in China.
3) Download some apps in advance like the “Hanping” or “Pleco” dictionary on your phone which will help you translate the Chinese language.
4) Download WeChat on your mobile (WeChat is the main platform for communication in china).
5) Keep money for university fees and personal expenses.
6) Some of your favorite brands may be difficult to find in China, so it is suggested to carry some accessories, like body lotion, lip gel, toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, bath towel, personal skincare product, tissue paper and etc.
7) Bring some important electronic products including, mobile, headphones, converter, charger, computer, power bank, USB cable.
8) Take some emergency medicine like saline, band-aid, paracetamol, flagyl, paradol, for your first aid.

How to Apply for a Student Visa in China

Step 8 :

Airport Pick Up: In a certain period and city, students can enjoy free airport pick-up service, otherwise, students have to pay a service fee of 150$ – 300$ based on cities.

NB: Students must have to inform before 7 days of  fly to enjoy the airport pick-up services.

Airport Pick Up

Airport pick up

Step 9 :

Registration In Campus: After arriving at the university campus, you have to register at the International Office for your enrolment and accommodation. It is very important to confirm your status as a student. If you fail to complete your registration you will not be able to continue your studies.


Step 10 :

Residence Permit: After you complete the registration, you will be able to continue your classes & other activities at the university. Within 30 Days Of your arrival in China, you have to take Resident Permit from the Immigration Office. But nothing to get worried about that, the school will arrange everything for you to get the residence permit.

Residence Permit Visa Sample

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