MBBS / BDS Chinese University

MBBS Study in China
1) Dalian Medical University
Shandong University
4) Shandong University
Jiangsu University China
2) Jiangsu University
5) Sichuan University
Zhengzhou University
3) Zhengzhou University
China Medical University
6) China Medical University
7) Fudan University
Southeast University
10) Southeast University
Jilin University
8) Jilin University
Guangxi Medical University
11) Guangxi Medical University
Wuhan University
9) Wuhan University
Hebei Medical University
12) Hebei Medical University
Nantong University
13) Nantong University
Qingdao University
16) Qingdao University
Nanjing Medical University
14) Nanjing Medical University
Capital Medical University
17) Capital Medical University
Fujian Medical University
15) Fujian Medical University
Tongji University School of Medicine
18) Tongji University School of Medicine
Xiamen university china
19) Xiamen University
Jinan University
22) Jinan University
Ningbo University
20) Ningbo University
Zhejiang University
23) Zhejiang University
Nanchang University
21) Nanchang University
Chongqing Medical University
24) Chongqing Medical University
Wenzhou Medical College China
25) Wenzhou Medical College
Southern Medical University
28) Southern Medical University
Guangzhou Medical University
26) Guangzhou Medical University
Xuzhou Medical College
29) Xuzhou Medical College
Shantou University China
27) Shantou University China
Shihezi University
30) Shihezi University
Harbin Medical University
31) Harbin Medical University
Anhui Medical University
34) Anhui Medical University
Tianjin Medical University
32) Tianjin Medical University
Ningxia Medical University
35) Ningxia Medical University
xinjiang medical university
33) xinjiang medical university
Kunming Medical University
36) Kunming Medical University
Yangzhou University china
37) Yangzhou University
North Sichuan Medical University
40) North Sichuan Medical University
Sun Yat Sen University
38) Sun Yat Sen University
Huazhong University of Science & Technology
41)Huazhong University of Science & Technology
China Three Gorges University
39) China Three Gorges University
Xi’an Jiaotong University
42)Xi’an Jiaotong University
Beihua University
43)Beihua University
Soochow University
44)Soochow University
Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
47)Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Southwest Medical University
45)Southwest Medical University
Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
48)Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Hubei University of Medicine
52)Hubei University of Medicine
Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
50)Jiangxi University of TCM
53)University Of South China
54)Hunan University of Chinese Medicine
55)Bengbu Medical College
Youjiang Medical University11
58)Youjiang Medical University
Shanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
56)Shanxi University of TCM
59)Chifeng University
Changsha Medical University
57)Changsha Medical University
Hubei University of Science & Technology
60)Hubei University of Science & Technology
61)Hubei University of Arts and Science
64)Jianghan University
62)Hubei Polytechnic University
Wuhan University of Science and Technology
63)Wuhan University of Science and Technology