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Ans: Yes, it is undoubtedly worth doing MBBS from China, rather China is best for MBBS because of:

  • Excellence in medical education.
  • Worldwide acceptance for medical licensing exams.
  • Top-notch research and lab facilities.
  • Huge library resources.
  • Low tuition fees.
  • Availability of merit scholarships for top-performing students.

Comparing the factors of MBBS studies in China to other peer countries, it can certainly be said that China is the best option for medical studies of international studentsApply for MBBS in China.

Ans: The MBBS programs in China are taught in English, Chinese, or a mix of both English and Chinese languages (bilingual). Though there are lots of universities teaching MBBS in English, only 45 MOE-approved medical universities in China have the permission to provide English-taught MBBS programs that have acceptance worldwide. You can study medicine in English at any of the 45 listed medical universities to stay on the safer side. The country you wish to practice medicine may have an individually approved Chinese medical university list. Check out the list here.

Ans: To study English-taught MBBS in China, you need to have English proficiency certification if you are a non-native English speaker. The certification can be a short-term English language certification, TOEFL, or IELTS certification. The TOEFL and IELTS band scores vary from university to university, but the scores range between 6.0 and 6.5. Some universities also accept short-term English language certification. To determine your level of English language proficiency, universities may take interviews. Having a TOFEL or an IELTS certification will help you stand out in the admission competition.

Ans: Generally, the age limit for MBBS in China is between 18 to 25 years, but there are some exceptions; some universities admit students who are 30 years of age. Similarly, there are many universities accepting students of 17 years of age. In this case, students have to provide authorization letters from their legal guardians.

Ans: Yes, you can apply for MBBS in China with a study gap, but you have to provide a study gap certificate describing logical reasons why you took the gap. If you can explain the reasons properly, the gap will not hamper your admission to MBBS in China. The study gap certificate must include logical statements about what you were doing during the gap period. The possible statements can be:

  • You got admitted to a bachelor’s degree.
  • You earned a skill development certification, such as an English language course, or an IT course.
  • You were doing voluntary activities or paid jobs.
  • Any other valid issues.

NB: You have to provide valid papers with the study-gap certificate.

Ans: To study medicine in China you must meet the following criteria:

  • Secure a score of 70% or above in PCB or 200 in NEET.
  • Have 60% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in high school.
  • Be at least 18 years of age (if below 18 legal guardian’s authorization letter required).
  • Have at least 12th-grade completion or equivalent qualification.
  • English language proficiency certificate for English-taught MBBS (IELTS, TOFEL, or any short-term certification).
    NB: The requirements can vary from university to university. The applicants also have to follow their own country’s rules and regulations for medical licensing.

Ans: Admission is open in China for MBBS in two intakes, March and September. Chinese medical universities admit the majority of international students in September intake. Generally, the universities accept international applications from October to December for March intake. And for September intake, the applications are accepted from April to June 15. Yet, there are some exceptions; some universities allow applications till August, but it is always encouraged to apply as early as possible. Earlier applications have the highest possibilities to secure admission even at top-rated universities as the university authorities perform the selection procedure taking enough time for the applicant’s visa process. If there are vacant seats left, they accept delayed applications. Obviously, you know that top-rated universities are highly competitive and there remain no vacant seats left. Apply for MBBS in China now.

Ans: The tuition fees for MBBS in China range between 17500 CYN and 85000 CYN per year, but the standard MBBS fee structure is any amount between 30000 CYN and 45000 CYN per year. Generally, the cost of English-taught MBBS programs in top-rated medical universities in China is a bit higher than that of Chinese-taught programs. The overall average costs of English-taught MBBS in China are as follow:

Tuition Fees: 35000 RMB/year

Dormitory Fees: 6000 RMB/year

Living Costs: 8400 RMB/year (depending on your lifestyle and the city you live in)

Total: 49400 RMB/year

NB: These are the estimated average costs of MBBS in China. The actual costs depend on the university you wish to study. See the university-specific costs here.

Ans: No entry test is required for MBBS in China. The university may arrange a virtual interview to determine the level of your English language skill and subjective knowledge. Yet there are some exceptions; Individual universities may require extra certification or qualification, but the majority ask for the same requirements. Apply now and make your dream real!

Ans: If you meet the admission criteria, you can get admission in MBBS in China. For this you have to:

  • Apply for the MBBS programs through the university website.
  • Upload and submit the required documents.
  • Wait for the admission notice (the university will issue an admission notice if you are selected)
  • Pay the tuition fees for securing your seat.
  • Receive the admission letter from the university after you pay the university fees.
  • Apply to the Chinese Embassy of your country for your visa with that admission letter.
  • Collect the visa if you are issued with one.
  • Fly to China on any scheduled days and attend your university.

NB: Chinese universities do not always respond to individual applicants. Moreover, you may make mistakes in the documentation process. In such cases, you may miss the deadline, or your application may not be granted, hence, you may not be able to secure your admission. So, it is recommended to assign your admission responsibilities to an expert student consultant.


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