Why you should study in China?

There are top 5 reasons that you should study in China

  1. Quality of Education and International Recognition
  2. Affordable tuition and scholarships
  3. Improve your career prospects
  4. Explore one of the world’s oldest civilizations
  5. There are more options than ever

1) Quality of Education and International Recognition

The academic qualifications awarded by Chinese universities are recognized by most developed countries. The Chinese government has signed an agreement on mutual recognition of academic qualifications with a number of countries including the United States, Britain, France, Japan, and more than 70 countries and regions. Chinese degree programs in majors such as engineering, medicine, economics and trade, MBA as well as finance are highly admired.

2)Affordable tuition and scholarships

Affordable tuition fees are one of the reasons for Many international students come to study in China. First, there are many high ranked universities in China. Universities such as Tsinghua and Peking University are one of the highest ranked universities in the world and is in the same as Harvard and Princeton University. These schools get much more funding from different organizations and from the Chinese government. Although this great funding program, they are able to fund their research and also recruit the best minds to research at their universities. Second, tuition in China is more or less cheap. Compared to its equals in the US, universities in China offer equivalent education for a much cheaper price even for all international students. The tuition fees for all four years in some Chinese universities are cheaper than one year at some of the Western Universities. So, the cheap tuition fees in Chinese universities is what attracts international students to study in China.

3)Improve your career prospects

Information and experience of China is an undeniably profitable resource in numerous businesses. As the fourth most well-known goal for worldwide travel, with almost 12 million business trips for work to China in 2018, the nation is developing in financial and social centrality. The world’s tops Almost 500 companies do business in China, with many choosing to base their Asia-Pacific headquarters in the bustling Chinese cities of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing. The current rise of China has made very clear to people who can speak Chinese and have firsthand experience of living in China are going to have a great advantage in terms of employment. Recently China is serving a huge market for multinational corporations, and employers are well aware that a real understanding of China, Chinese culture and its people are a great advantage for those who want to become the world’s next generation of leaders.

4)Explore one of the world’s oldest civilizations

The Chinese culture has a 5000 years history and is one of the oldest in the world. Although the country is modernizing very fast, many traditional aspects still remain very visible in everyday life. It is interesting is to go for a walk in the park during the weekend period. Many people regroup there, starting in the early morning for practicing a wide array of activities. Two of the most popular and highly representative martial arts of China are Taichi and Calligraphy. Taichi is one of the most popular martial arts around the world. It is often practiced early in the morning in the parks and is believed to have many health benefits, such as improving balance and general psychological health. Calligraphy is very important and appreciated art. It is basically the design and execution of Chinese characters, usually with a brush on some paper, but some people also practiced it in parks with water on stone floors.

5)There are more options than ever

Over the last decade, international visitors and students have been going “deeper” into China, choosing to travel to a wider range of cities than before. Before, Shanghai and Beijing were the only cities where it was common to see international students. In 2006-2010, nearly 50 percent of international students were in Beijing or Shanghai, but this has fallen to 32 percent. Today, there are 13-15 cities across China with more than 20,000 international students, with seven cities having more than 20,000 students. Popular cities include Guangzhou in the south of China and Lionizing, north of Beijing Whether you intend to secure a graduate job or continue studying at the postgraduate level, reputation is very important for your future prospects. Chinese universities are increasingly well respected and Prestigious, the number included in major global university rankings has risen significantly over the past five years, particularly compared with the UK, which has fallen in many rankings. In 2011, there were only Ten Chinese universities in Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings, whereas in 2014-2015 there were 37, more than either Canada or Australia. If we also discuss about the career we should say Knowledge and experience of China is an increasingly valuable asset in many industries. As the fourth most popular destination for international travel, with nearly 13 million business trips to China in 2016, the country is growing in economic and cultural significance.

Marie Farah, an international student at the University of Macau, secured a job with a Shanghai-based company in China partly as a result of her international experiences. Experience of China and the Chinese language, which is the third most popular language to learn in the world, could give you a great career boost.


  1. Anita Hesslar
    February 15, 2020

    What is the teaching mediun for students selected in chinese government scholarship?in which language the students will be taught by the university

    • Digi Edu Pro
      February 15, 2020

      English & Chinese both taught are available. Depend on which taught you want.

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