Chinese Scholarship Information

Looking for a scholarship in China? You’re in luck. There are abundance of scholarship opportunities out there and we are more than happy to share them with you. Students who need of scholarships can find many of them at our site. Why not take advantages of their offers by organizing  a free university scholarship search?

Not all scholarships are created equal. Some scholarships are in the form of tuition fee waivers only, some offer a partial cash grant or some only cover living expenses, but there are those scholarship programs that cover both tuition fee and living expenses and sometimes include travel costs, insurance, book allowance, etc. Fully funded scholarships offers most, if not all, of what you need to pursue your studies abroad.

Chinese universities offers 6 types of scholarships to students.Some time it gets difficult for students to find the proper information about all types of offers of Chinese universities.We are here to assist to get the perfect scholarship for you.You may go to the web page of Digi Edu Pro@Study in China. The organization works with various respected universities in China and if you apply through them, they’ll let you know about all types of offers of chinese Universities.The organization will give you a proper information to achieve potential scholarship for you according to your academic result. The government of China provide various types of Scholarship for students. Among of them we are discussing six types of scholarships that chinese university offers every year.

Students can apply for these scholarship given as below :

  1. Chinese Government Scholarship
  2. Confucius Institute Scholarship
  3. Confucius China Studies Program
  4. Chinese local Government Scholarship
  5. University Scholarships
  6. Foreign Government Scholarship
  1. Chinese Government Scholarship

There are six programs in Chinese Government Scholarship provide full scholarship for international students, including Bilateral Program, Chinese University Program, Great Wall Program, EU Program, AUN Program, PIF Program. The offering full scholarship includes tuition fee, accommodation fee, living expense, comprehensive medical insurance. You can choose to apply for these scholarship.

2) Confucius Institute Scholarship

Confucius Institute Scholarship offers a full scholarship for international students. Scholarship winners are exempt from tuition, accommodation fees on campus, and are provided with monthly living allowance, and comprehensive insurance for foreign students studying in China. Apply here for Confucius Institute Scholarship with Digi Edu Pro.

3) Confucius China Studies Program

Confucius China Studies Program is types of scholarship programme for research and PH.D. Joint Research Ph.D. Fellowship and Ph.D. in China Fellowship programs provide full scholarship.The funding includes the following aspects :

  1. living stipend for a Phd student 80,000 RMB per year;
  2. Research fund: 20,000 RMB per year;
  3. Round-trip international airfare; Tuition;
  4. Other supports are provided by the host Chinese university;
  5. Expenses for the life and medical insurances in China;
  6. Group activities and cultural experience

For the application procedures of Confucius China Studies Program, please Click here.

4) Chinese local Government Scholarship

Here we mentioned many of Chinese local Government Scholarships.Which are given by the local provincial government. See below to see all types of Chinese local Government Scholarship-

Apply Scholarship China University
Top Chinese University List
  • Shandong government scholarship
  • Beijing government scholarship
  • Liaoning Government Scholarship
  • Shanghai Government Scholarship
  • Yunnan Government Scholarship
  • Heilongjiang Government Scholarship
  • Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship
  • Fujian Government Scholarship
  • Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship
  • Liaoning Government Scholarship
  • Sichuan Provincial Government Scholarship
  • Guangxi Government Scholarship Guidelines for Asian Students
  • Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship
  • Heilongjiang Government Scholarship
  • Peking University Foreign Students Scholarship- Freshmen Scholarship
  • Jiangxi Government Scholarship
  • Xinjiang Government Scholarship
  • Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Government Scholarship
Diploma University China

5) University Scholarships 

Many universities offer scholarship directly. We have listed for you some of those universities who offer direct scholarship for student. Please see below :

  • Harbin Institute of Technology-Distinguished International Students Scholarship (HIT Scholarship)
  • Nanjing Universities President Scholarship
  • Zhejiang University-Asia Future Leaders Scholarship
  • Zhejiang University-Foreign Students Scholarship
  • Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College- Overseas Chinese Teacher Scholarship
  • Guangdong University of Foreign Studies- Foreign Students Scholarship
  • Zhejiang Ocean University scholarship
  • The President Scholarship for International Students of SWUFE

Apply here for details for these scholarships.


6) Foreign Government Scholarship 

There are also some scholarship from the Chinese Government for only foreign students called “Foreign Government Scholarship”

  1. Xi’an Jiaotong University Thai Princess Sirindhorn Special Scholarship
  2. “Fulbright-Hays” Scholarship

Apply here for details of this scholarship

Here are some Universities which will provide Scholarship for 2021:

How to Apply for a Student Visa in China
China University of Mining and Technology
  • China University of Mining and Technology
  • Jiangsu university
  • Jiangnan university
  • Shijiazhuang tiedao university
  • Tianjin polytechnic university
  • Henan polytechnic university
  • Zhengzhou University
  • Yangtze normal university
  • Nanjing university of information science and technology
  • Nanjing university of posts and telecommunications
  • Shanxi university
  • Taiyuan university of technology
  • Guangxi university of science and technology
  • Jiangxi university of technology
  • Jingchu university of technology
  • Yunnan university of science and technology
  • Chongqing university of science and technology
  • Guangzhou university
  • Liaoning university
  • Shenyang aerospace university
  • Zhengzhou university
  • Jiangsu normal university
  • Changsha university of science and technology
  • Zhengzhou university
  • Jinan university
  • Chongqing jiaotong university
  • Jiangsu normal university
  • Jiangxi university of science and technology
  • Xi’an shiyou university
  • Ankang university
  • Shaanxi university of science and technology
  • Liaoning university of technology
  • Yangzhou University
  • Jiangsu university of science and technology
  • Kunming university
  • Yunnan university of business technology
  • Yunnan university
  • Qingzhou university