How to Apply for a Student Visa in China


A Study visa is must for getting an entry to China for study purpose. Visa is issued to only those who want to study in China for a fixed period of time. The time duration for the visa grantee depends on your desired degree and its time duration.

To apply for a Chinese Visa, you need to fill up an application form attached with your current color photo, prepare a valid passport, and submit them along with other supporting documents to the Chinese Embassy or consulate which is in charge of your residence area. Check the guides on how to apply for a Chinese Visa below for details. China Visa Application Form V2013 is the most recent form. Chinese Consulates only provide an application form in PDF version, you won’t be able to save the data on the PDF form.

Types of student visas

The Chinese Student Visa (X Visa) is classified into X1 and X2 types.

Those who will be studying at a Chinese university for more than six months will be issued an X1 visa, while those who will be there for under six months are issued an X2 visa.

Another distinction between the 2 is that the X1 visa is sometimes issued for multiple entries and is valid for up to five years. The X2 visa is usually issued for one entry with validity for up to 6 months.

The visas are valid for 30 days, but you can stay in China for the entire duration of your visa. However, during the 30 days, you’ll need to apply for a residence permit, basically a replacement of your visa, at a local Public Security Bureau (PSB) Exit and Entry Administration office.

The residence permit will be legitimate for the time period you were conceded with the original visa.

Requirements and note about the China Visa Application Form

  1. Passport: Applicant’s original passport valid up to at least 6 months with one blank page.
  1. Application Form: Filled up the form accurately and sincerely China Student Visa Application Form China Visa Application Form
  1. Recent Photo: Attached one recent passport style (48mm x 33mm ) color photo with a full face, front view, no hat, and against a plain light background onto the application form.
  1. Medical Examination Form: Applicants who are over 18 years old and will study in China for over 180 days  need to provide a valid physical examination record Foreigner Physical Examination Form
  1. JW201 or JW202 Form: For an X1 application only original and a copy of authorized Foreign Student Visa Application Form JW201 or JW202.(Form JW201 or Form JW202)
  1. Proof of legal stay or residency in the third country, which can be your visa, residence permit, student certificate or employment permit in the country.

Note: Documents required for all types of visas include passport and visa application form attached with a current photo. In addition, other supporting documents are required, but they vary according to the visa type you are applying for.  Be sure your documents meet the requirements of the Chinese embassy or consulate.

Passport: with the remaining validity of at least 6 months; have blank visa pages.

Visa Application Form: truthfully completed; type-written with no blanks left.

Photo: taken within the last six months; full face against a light background; size: 48mm x 33mm; bare-headed unless for religious causes.

The JW201 or JW202 form should be obtained through the school you are to enlist at. JW201 form is issued to international students dispatched by the government or established by Chinese government scholarships while JW202 is for self-sponsored foreign students. (Download Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship)

See what type of visa you need to study in China

  • X1 Visa – for students who plan to study in China for more than 6 months.
  • X2 Visa – for students who will stay in China to study for a period of fewer than 6 months.

How to Apply for China X visa

Applying for a study visa you must go through a number of steps while applying for a study visa in China. Once you have compiled all the documents required for the visa processing, the next step is to send them to the university with an application form mentioning the course you want to apply it. The college will send you an approval notification telling you if you have been selected to study for a particular course or not. Now the final step is to apply for a visa on the behalf of the admission letter issued by the college you had applied in.

Applying for a visa in Chinese consulate in your home country you have to follow the following steps:

  • You may submit the application to the Visa Office of the Embassy or Consulate -General which grips consular jurisdiction in over the state where you reside;
  • If you can’t come in person, you may entrust someone else or a travel/visa agent to drop off your application at the visa office of the Embassy or Consulate -General which holds consular jurisdiction in over the state where you reside;
  • No appointment is required.
  • Mailed applications are not acceptable and they will be returned.

Where to apply?

  • Students from specific countries will have to apply in person at a Chinese Consulate.
    Residents from countries like the UK, Australia, Canada and EU countries can apply through the CVASC (Chinese VISA Application Service Centre).
  • If there isn’t a CVASC near you, you can apply at a local Chinese embassy/consular office, either face to face or through a visa agency.

Submit the application and Processing Time

Visit the Chinese Embassy, consulate or Chinese Visa Application Center (CVASC) which serves your residence area. You can show up in person or ask an agent to do this for you. In some consular offices and CVASCs, mail service is also available.

The normal processing time is 4 working days including the day you submit the application and the day you collect. Remember there might be additional non-working days for the Chinese Public Holidays. By paying an additional fee you can usually have your application processed faster. It is normally possible to have your application processed overnight, for collection in the following afternoon, though some offices might offer a same-day service if you arrived in the office soon after opening. In general, try to apply it in advance to not allow any delay.

China’s Public Holiday Schedule in 2019

Festivals Date Day
New Year’s Day January 1 Tuesday
Chinese New Year February 4 – 10 Monday – Sunday
Qingming Festival April 5 Friday
International Labor Day May 1 Wednesday
Dragon Boat Festival June 7 Friday
Mid-Autumn Festival September 13 Friday
Chinese National Day October 1 – 7 Tuesday – Monday

Note: When a public holiday falls on Sunday, the embassy is closed on the following Monday; when a public holiday falls on a Saturday, the embassy is closed on the preceding Friday. Please be advised that generally there are more applicants than usual during the first two business days after the holidays and longer waiting time will be expected.

China Visa Validity : 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year, 10 Years

The validity of a Chinese Visa is the period between the “Issue Date” and the “Enter Before” date shown on your visa. It is usually 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and sometimes even 10 years. Holders, please note that they must enter mainland China before 24:00 of the “Enter Before” date. Otherwise, the visa will expire and cannot be extended no matter whether there are entries left, and reapplication is required.

The best time to apply for a China visa is one or two months before your departure date. Usually, a China visa is valid for only three months from the date of issue, which indicates that the earliest time you can apply is three months before your departure.

When to apply for China visa renewal and extension?

According to the regulations, you have to submit the application for an extension at least seven days before your visa expires. The PSB will issue you with a receipt once they accept your application and make the final decision within 7 days. If you apply too late, you may overstay and are subject to fine and possible deportation.

The new visa runs from the date of the issue (a small difference compared with those issued outside China which do not start until entry) and the old one is canceled at the same time. So, you cannot have two concurrent visas.

How much does it cost to extend a China visa?

For nationals of most countries, the fee is RMB 160. For some countries, the fee may differ. US citizens need to pay ¥ 760 for an extension while UK citizens need CNY 469.

8 Tips for Filling Out Chinese Visa Application Form

To avoid your China visa being rejected, applicants should figure out the best answers to the questions in the application form. Here are some tips for filling out a Chinese Visa Application Form.

  1. Current Occupations and Employer/School

Section 1.15 Current Occupations & Section 1.17 Employer/School: If you choose “Self-employed”, do not leave Section 1.17 blank. You have to complete this section with the name of your business and specify the nature of it. If you don’t do any work at present, provide information on your previous employer or school if you are a student. If you are a housewife or retired, you can fill in the box in Section 1.17 with None (Housewife) or None (Retired).

  1. Education

Section 1.16 Education: It doesn’t matter what your answer is unless you apply for a student visa. The best way is to check the highest level of education you have completed.

  1. Major Purpose of Visit

Section 2.1 Main purpose of your visit: Select the most suitable item and make sure it matches with your application documents. If your travel is for multiple purposes, just choose one major purpose.

  1. Intended Number of Entries & Duration of Stay

Section 2.2 Intended number of entries: Most applicants only need one entry valid for 3 months. Note that all Z, X1, S1, and Q1 visas are only issued a single entry. If you apply for an L, F, M, X2, S2, or Q2 visa, you may choose single-entry, double-entry, or multiple entries. Choose the one that best meets your needs. The final decision is left to the consular officer’s discretion.

Section 2.5 Longest intended stay in China among all entries: For L, M, and F visas, the duration of stay is normally 30-60 days. For S2 and Q2 visa, it ranges from 30 to 120 days. Z, X, Q1, and S1 visas may allow a longer stay duration. Fill in the box according to your actual needs.

  1. Expected Date of Arrival in China

Section 2.4 Expected date of your first entry into China on this trip: Make sure that the date is not earlier than the date you are likely to receive the visa. If your flight itinerary will be submitted as the application document, ensure the date is consistent with it.

  1. Travel Itinerary

Section 2.6 Itinerary in China: In this section, do not mention travel to Tibet and Xinjiang although you may go there. If you apply for a tourist visa, you need to provide addresses of hotels including provinces, cities, and streets. For this reason, you are advised to book refundable hotel rooms in advance. After getting the visa, it’s fine if you could still change or cancel the bookings.

  1. Background Check

In Part 3, you need to answer truthfully the questions regarding overstaying, China visa rejection history, criminal records, diseases, etc. Honesty is important in answering these questions; otherwise, you may encounter problems in the application process.

  1. Only Typewritten Application Forms Are Accepted

Applicants need to fill out the application form on a computer first and then print it out. Double-sided printouts will not be accepted. Note that the signatures and dates in Part 4 and 5 must be handwritten.

 Additional information

You should apply for a study visa for China for about one month in advance of your intended date to come to China, but it is recommended not to apply earlier than three months. However, usually all Chinese Embassies are very efficient and the processing time for a visa may only take one week or even less.

What is Physical Examination?

All foreigners who come to China to study for longer than a half year (i.e. those on X1 visa) are required to go through a medical examination either previously or after they enter China. You will have to submit the related documents making sure that you have passed the physical examination when you apply for a residence permit in China.
In some of the cases, you must pass the medical examination before you apply for an X1 (study) visa. You will need to submit the completed Foreigners’ Physical Exam Record with your visa application. Check with your closest Chinese Embassy or Consulate to find out if this is a requirement.

If you are not required to undergo the examination in order to apply for a visa, you will need to do it in order to acquire your residence permit in China. You can either do it in your home country or in China. In China, the exam will cost around 100 U.S dollars (may differ depending on the city). Your university should assist you with this procedure.

To finish the medical examination before you arrive in China, take the form to a public hospital, undergo a physical examination and have a doctor complete the form. On the last page of the form, the hospital must affix its official seal along with the student’s photograph.

You must carry the original medical documents with you when you come to China, otherwise, you will have to re-do the physical examination in China. The physical test must be finished within six months of applying for your student visa, otherwise, the results will no longer be considered valid. If you apply for your visa for more than six months after taking the exam, you will have to re-do it.

Residence permit in China

You are allowed to stay in China for the whole duration of your visa, but it is usually valid for 1 month, once you enter China. During these thirty days, you will have to apply for a residence permit that is mainly a replacement of your visa at a local Public Security Bureau (PSB) Exit and Entry Administration office. The residence permit will be valid for the time period you were granted with the original visa.

Does the language requirement needs for a study in China?

There are no specific language requirements in order for foreign students to be eligible for a study visa for China. However, since most universities offer courses that are taught in English, they will require IELTS during the application process.

Does ‘X Visa’ Allow for working?

Overseas students are permitted to take part-time jobs during their studies, or to engage in paid internships on campus, under the following condition, they must obtain permission both from their host university and the Chinese immigration authorities as well. The university issues an agreement letter and the hiring company will also give out a certification. The next step is for the police station to mark your visa “Part-time-work “.

However, you cannot apply for numerous jobs in a different company in case you changed your mind. As an international student in China, English is a highly valued skill. English tutoring and teaching jobs are in high demand, so you should try for this type of opportunity.

With a student visa X, Can students travel in and out of China?

Upon arrival in China with the student visa within 30 days, a student will need to change it to a temporary resident permit. The temporary resident permit functions as a multiple-entry China visa and a student can travel in and out of China with it unlimitedly within the valid period. Without changing the student visa to a temporary resident permit don’t go out of China.

How to apply for a china student visa (x visa) in Bangladesh?

China Government offers two different VISA for international students. One, who goes there to stay less than six months; Two, who stays over six months. Staying over 6 months needs  X TYPE VISA & less than six months to need X2 TYPE VISA. Basically, X2 TYPE VISA doesn’t give you consent to work there in your free time but X TYPE VISA does. To apply for a China Student VISA, students need to collect the required application form & submit it with proper documents.

There is a CVASC (Chinese VISA Application Service Centre) in various countries where anyone can apply for his/her VISA. After applying for the VISA you have to make an online appointment for it. But, if CVASC isn’t available in your country, then you will need to apply for a VISA in China Embassy/consular office.

In Dhaka, you need to go to the consular office within working days. (Sunday to Thursday). And their office time is 9:00 am to 12:00 am. They don’t do the office in the afternoon.

And always remember, never apply for your VISA through mail & it’s not accepted in most of the embassy.

Required Documents to Apply for VISA:

  • Original passport (valid up to at least 6 months with at least 1 blank page)
  • Complete Application Form  
  • 1 passport type photo (photo size 48*33 by Matt paper)
  • Original and a copy of acceptance letter from the university
  • Photocopy one set of all (A-Z) documents by off-set papers.
  • A photocopy of previous Chinese passports (only applicable to foreign citizens who were once Chinese citizens and have obtained foreign citizenship)
  • Proof of legal status in the country where you’re applying for the visa, such as a resident permit (if you’re applying for the VISA outside your country of citizenship)
  • Copy  accommodation arrangements
  • Applicants who are over 18 years old and will study in China for over 180 days need to give a valid physical examination record.

Visa Fees:

Express Delivery service fee: BDT 5650/-   (take time 1 working day )

Regular Delivery service fee: BDT 2650/-  (take time 8-10 working day)

[N.B: Embassy fee have to pay during the date of delivery when you take delivery your passport]

Get an “internship” Visa for China

Now that you have found an internship and booked your plane ticket, everything appears to be prepared except one thing: the VISA!

This step is commonly the more nerve-wracking step in order to finally head to China. The first thing you might ask to yourself is: Which visa should I get in order to do my internship in China? You have different kinds of visas. Let’s review them one by one.

The student visa/ Visa X1 or X2: If you’re coming to do an internship, even if you still a student, you should not use this visa, as it’s a visa suitable in order to study in Chinese universities and not an internship. And if you want to get this kind of visa, agencies might ask you to pay a school to get this kind of visa even if you’ll not go there obviously, which makes things more costly for you.

The working visa/ Visa Z: You’re not coming to work, besides, if you don’t have any professional experience you won’t be able to get such a visa. The consulate type in order to get this visa is to have at least two years of work experience before, and sometimes they want that experience in the sector of the company you’ll be doing your internship at. So you can’t be too young or still a student to get this Visa. Only suitable applicants that can stay for a long period of time can apply for a work visa but only in rare cases and the process takes a long time.

Tourist visa/ Visa L: As it’s written, it’s a tourist visa, which means it’s for the short term. You can use this visa for a short term internship or in the case they don’t give in your country the business visa. Once you reach in China, it will be possible to change it for the appropriate visa if you’re staying for a long term internship.

Business visa/ Visa M: This is what might fit the most in order to come to China. If you have a three to six months’ internship, you’ll need one to two entries visa. Which means that up to a particular point you’ll have to leave the country and come back especially if you do your internship in Shanghai or Beijing. In the case of Chengdu note that it’s possible to extend your visa without leaving the country and it’s not costly, in this case, you better take one entry visa and then extend it.

To make things not so hard, you can contact agencies! The first reason to do so is that you might be leaving far from the closest Chinese embassy, and they check everything for you before sending it to the embassy, which makes you earn time. But remember that it will cost you more to go through this kind of thing.  If you go through an agency, please read all their terms and conditions carefully, some of them sometimes won’t be that careful and might just send your documents without even checking properly and tell you that your visa has been declined and that you have to pay again to apply. Some Visa agencies have better relations with the embassies but others might ask you even more papers. So you better call various agencies and check everything, then you make your choice. To get your visa if you pay the basic fee it will take a week to get it, but if it’s emergency you can get it in two days but you’ll have to pay more.

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