Job Opportunity in China

job-opportunity in china

China is the second-largest economy in the world. The total population in this country 1.4 billion. The growth of china’s economy has been rapid, while global economy has slow down in past years. Because of the global economic growth, the job opportunity in China has increased significantly in the last few years. China is a booming country for its economy, recently china’s education hub booming significantly. The number of international workers and students is growing rapidly, last year 490,000 international students are graduates from china universities. Students from all over the country are getting admission in China universities. Job opportunity is also grown up, has available job opportunities for graduates students. When a student decides to move to china the common question is that, can I work and study in China? 

Job opportunities in china for students are not available. According to the new law, students can work if universities give permission. Part-time jobs in china are not available for international students, average of 15%-20% of students gets part-time jobs. 

In many foreign countries, there have very strict rules about whether international students can work during studying. 

Job Opportunity in China

China’s job market has been steadily growing in recent years. China has the strongest economy than any western country. The official language in China is Chinese, besides there have penalty job opportunities in the English language. China has a progressive job market and there have distinct career advantages at the entry-level if you are ambitious and enterprising, and at the senior level if you are experienced. China is a growing economy, many students find opportunities presenting themselves in a way that doesn’t happen in their home country. A large number of multinational company’s head office are located in china such as  HSBC, Microsoft, IBM, and Airbus. They are actively seeking employees with an international background. The Chinese government expects 500,000 international students will be enrolled in 2020 and has taken steps to take into account that all students will need a visa. After completing the graduation, they can apply for a work visa or Z visa, which requires a minimum of two years of work experience. In some cases, there are exceptions such as teaching profession. The maximum of international workers in China find jobs with foreign-invested enterprises. To make your life easier by taking classes in Mandarin. 

The major industries in China include:

  • consumer products
  • telecommunications
  • textiles
  • mining
  • pharmaceuticals
  • transportation
  • machine building
  • food processing

The country has a shortage of workers in engineering, medicine, informatics, environmental technology, production, and tourism.

Job Opportunity for International Students

China is a very comfortable and affordable country even for students. The cost of living is quite low compared to other western countries. Major cities of china like Shanghai and the capital Beijing are more expensive, and these are the most popular study abroad destination. According to the record of 2016, 4.42 lakh foreign students register in china as a student, among them 11% receive government scholarship.  

Traditionally international students can not work in china when they are studying, and not able to get a working visa without at least 2 years of post-study work experience. Getting a job in China is not easy for international students, language is one of the problems of getting a job in china. International can legally work in china but the procedure is not easy.  In 2016 china’s government declared that only Shanghai and Beijing students can take part-time jobs or internships off-campus when they obtain approval from the university, apply for PSB exit-entry administration for a notation on the residence permit showing the part-time job and location and period of internship off-campus. Working can be a great way to build yourself it helps you to enhance your employability. 

Job Opportunity for Graduates

The competition is tough, so find out the field where you can stand out among other candidates in your area of ​​work. If you are native in English, it will make easy to find jobs. Working in China is a bit difficult while you are students, after completing your study you can apply for a job. After completing your graduation you need to apply for a work visa known as ‘Z’ visa with two years of work experience.

According to the new declaration, foreign graduates with a master’s degree from a well-known university in China are immediately eligible to apply for work visas. When you are applying for a job, the main problem can be language. The official language of China is Chinese. Many companies require candidates to know at least the basics of Chinese. Now the question is, how can I find a job? You can find different agents, but remember that if you are going through an agent they will charge you. The best way to find a job opportunity in China is to network and network. 

The common job for graduate students in china are:

  •  Teaching English
  •  IT Jobs
  • Engineering / Specialized Technical Skills jobs
  • Marketing/Creative Field jobs
  • English Editor/ Writer/ Journalist
  • Trading company sales manager
  • Accounting and Financial jobs
  • Hotel management jobs
  • Advertising jobs
  • Translator
  • Import/export 

The common part-time jobs for international students. Don’t think that teaching English is only one part-time job. If you think then the answer is absolutely ‘NOT’.  

Here we pick some best part-time job opportunity in china for students 

  • Teaching English
  •  Internship in different companies.
  •  Work as a translator in different projects.
  •  Journalist or news presenter.
  •  Hotel assistance. 
  •  quality control managers
  •  Modeling.
  •  Freelancing.

However, I think English teaching is the best as a part-time job. The first reason is, you can work as much or as little as you want. secondly, it is easy, meaning it is not stressful and takes very little time. We aren’t searching for careers with salaries. But you find a job that will help you earn money and live comfortably. 

Wrap Up

China has become one of the forefront countries in industrialization and a leader of the global economy. China is a completely different world and there’s a lot you need to learn. Building a career in China is such a lucky charm and the experience comfortably places you on success. 

China has five working days in a week, Monday to Friday are working day. According to china law working hours weekly 40 hours, and per day 8 hours. Holiday allowance in the country is relatively low and usually depends on the period of employment. Workers are allowed to either 5 to 15 days paid holiday with an additional 11 paid public holidays. Before taking up a job, make sure your holiday allowance is clearly declared in your contract.   

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